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5 Virtues Product Professionals Should Master to be Successful

These are 5 virtues product professionals should master to be successful Virtue #1: Patience Why do we need it? As we are dealing with many unknowns, inventing new things, discovering new solutions to old/new problems, we go through an unpaved road. That road will guarantee to throw at us many curves, some potholes, dead ends and even a landslide or two. Without patience we would give up early and get nowhere A few examples where we need to be patient … Continue reading “5 Virtues Product Professionals Should Master to be Successful”

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Guest on the One Knight in Product with Jason Knight

March 17, 2021 Jason Knight from One Knight in Product is an awesome product leader and great host. We spoke about my journey from writing software for the Israeli Defence Forces into project and then product management, my passion for digital transformation, paying it forward via a new podcast as well as webinars and blogging. Listen here!

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Guest on the Techstory Podcast with Doug Thompson

February 8, 2021 A podcast interview with Doug Thompson, on the Techstory Podcast. Doug really knows how to ease you into the discussion, and I enjoyed chatting with him about my background and how trying to be an artist influenced my career in product management. Doug had a long career with Microsoft and recently started a new adventure, which he documents on LinkedIn with some posts. He also have live sessions, so lots of interesting content and opportunities to learn from … Continue reading “Guest on the Techstory Podcast with Doug Thompson”