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Top 5 Product Manager Technical Skills in 2021

Original published at UserPilot’s Blog, April 2021 If you’re an aspiring or a junior product manager – technical skills are something that will give you a massive leg up in your career. Moshe Miklanovsky, a Software Developer-turned Product Manager and a co-host of the Product-for-Product podcast, explains which technical skills are essential for Product Managers based on his 30-year career in tech. Product Management is a very young profession. Compared with software engineering, which started sometime in the 70s, not long ago Product … Continue reading “Top 5 Product Manager Technical Skills in 2021”

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5 Virtues Product Professionals Should Master to be Successful

These are 5 virtues product professionals should master to be successful Virtue #1: Patience Why do we need it? As we are dealing with many unknowns, inventing new things, discovering new solutions to old/new problems, we go through an unpaved road. That road will guarantee to throw at us many curves, some potholes, dead ends and even a landslide or two. Without patience we would give up early and get nowhere A few examples where we need to be patient … Continue reading “5 Virtues Product Professionals Should Master to be Successful”

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10 Tips for Product Prioritization

Product prioritization is one of the hardest things to do in product management. That’s why I tried to tackle it on a regular basis, as it is like a muscle that needs constant practicing. I hope the following tips will be helpful! Note: I originally published each of these tips as a short video on LinkedIn. At the end of each tip below you will find a link to watch the video post. 1 Identify the Product Vision I’ve seen … Continue reading “10 Tips for Product Prioritization”

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Ready, Set, Read: Starting a PM Book Club at Your Organization

Originally published on Product Craft, October 20, 2020 Are you looking for a way to transition your org to a more product-focused mindset? I wouldn’t blame you — there are numerous benefits to shifting to a product mindset, from becoming truly Agile to transforming into a fully-fledged product-led organization. But how do you do it? Here is one idea that can help: Start a product book club. Step 1: Invite everyone Since you want the product-mindset transition to happen throughout … Continue reading “Ready, Set, Read: Starting a PM Book Club at Your Organization”