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Resources for Artists

My interests in art goes beyond just my own artwork creation. I love learning about the art business – how marketing works, both online and offline, which activities artists are employing to be successful selling their art, ideas, going different direction, and more.

This page is a collection of all the article I have written with valuable information for artists. It includes topic related to art marketing, selling art online, websites for artists, art licensing, art making tips, and more.

If you have ideas for me for new articles, I would love to hear from you!

  • List of 120+ websites for artists to build online presence
    This is the most reviewed and talked about post by far. It is a graet compilation of all websites that relates to artists. It will be amazing if you can share this list with others, simply tweet about it, add a link to your site or blog, email it, or any other way to spread the word. Also, new sites that I am not aware of are always welcome, so please leave me a message and tell me about them.

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