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Moshe is an emerging artist, who works with several media including watercolors, acrylic, printmaking and stained glass. His vibrant and colorful style is influenced by art, architecture, the Jewish tradition and the variety of materials he uses.

Moshe created his first Ketubah in 1995 for his wife. Since then he has created many more for family and friends. In 2007 Moshe started licensing his Katubah designs to (aka KetubahKetubah). Moshe’s work can be found in many private collections in the USA, Canada, Israel and South Africa.

Moshe was born and raised in Israel. Following his job assignments in the High Tech industry in North America, he is currently living happily with his wife and 3 girls in Thornhill, Ontario.

Artist Statement

Moshe MikanovskyMy art is influenced by my Jewish heritage, my love for architecture, art and color.

Using the square, and in its multiply form, the grid, was always one of the strongest shapes influencing my art. As a kid, I remember filling page after page of math grid notebooks with colors, creating colorful patterns. At art museums of the masters, I always love finding unfinished paintings that the under-painting transfer grid is still shown. Artists who influenced my work include Piet Mondrian, Paul Cézanne, and Michael Eisemann, an Israeli artist whose work exposes the beautiful and intricate mind of the artist, arranged on a grid. I am always fascinated by ancient mosaics, made of thousands of tiny stone or glass squares to create detailed delicate images. In short, I just love squares!

In my current style, I use the grid as integral part of the object. The object is broken to many small pieces, defined by their contour – outlined and abstract shapes – and by the grid. Then the colors rebuild the image, structuring it shape by shape, using dark and light values for shaded and lighted areas. And then there are the color choices – the juxtaposition of complementary colors, warm and cool colors and different color schemes, all playfully depicting familiar objects in a new original way.

Art for me is a passion. Passion for creativity, passion for the process, passion to learn and advance, and passion for the people who are passionate like me about art.

Solo Shows:

Juried Group Exhibitions:

Non-Juried Group Exhibitions:


  • People’s Choice Award      2010, Israeli Artists Group of Toronto 2nd Annual Art Show
  • Logo design competition  2010, Israeli Artists Group of Toronto, 1st place (logo)

Licensed work:

Commission work:

  • Ketubah designs for private clients, Israel and Canada
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah portraits for private clients, Canada
  • Stained glass Judaica for private clients, USA, Canada, Israel, and South Africa
  • Design for Holy Ark, Young Israel of Oak Park, Oak Park, MI
  • Logo for AMOD, Oak Park, MI

Professional Membership:

Art articles published:

Social Media for Artists classes and seminars given at:

Art Education Classes:

  • Figure Painting, Toronto School or Art, Toronto, ON
  • Encaustic with visual artist Myriam Levy, Toronto, ON
  • Acrylic Painting with Gary Smith at LucSculpture, Toronto, ON
  • Relief Printmaking (etching, silkscreen) at Central Technical School, Toronto, ON
  • Relief Printmaking (linocut, woodcuts, monoprints) at the ROM, Toronto, ON
  • Stained Glass, Fantasy in Glass Glassworks, Etobicoke, ON
  • Figure Drawing, Oakland Community College, Oakland, MI
  • Drawing and Watercolor Painting, Avni Institute – College for Art and Design, Jaffa, Israel
  • History of Art – The Open University, Tel Aviv, Israel
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