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9998 moshe mikanovsky watercolors bride

The Bride

Watercolors, 1995

Read about the inspirtion for this painting in my blog Art Blog Beginnings, or What Inspires My Art? 

Excerpt: As the first post in my Art Blog, I wanted to start with the things that inspire my art. Making art along the years, and sitting down to think about it and put it in words, are two completely different things! Art comes from our inner being, and putting it out there is not always obvious. But, I will give it a try. To illustrate it, here is a painting I made back in 1995. The reason I chose this one is because it’s very special to me. I made it for my wife just before we got married, for her Shabbat Kalah (Bride’s Sabbath), which is the last Saturday before our wedding. Continue reading...

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