5 Feb 2015

Flash Fiction story “Eyes On Me” (Now in audio too!)

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

This is very exciting! “Eyes On Me”, a flash fiction story I wrote recently, has been read and published by professional voice actor Elijah Lucian.

You can listen to the story in his 2nd flash fiction compilation. “Eyes On Me” is the second story out of the three.

Here is the story, and below that, the post card I wrote it on originally:

Eyes On Me

By: Moshe Mikanovsky

I watch them from the other side of the street. The king of the class, his minions. I want to run away. I pray to be taken away. I hope for father to find a job in another city so we can move. I wish mother would homeschool my sister and me.

They see me. They gang up on me from across the road. I feel like a smashed ping-pong ball at the end of a bowling alley, and the pins grow bigger, closing on me. A school bus stops between us, it hides me for a minute. I can run now, save myself.

She gets off the bus. The most beautiful girl in school. She smiles at me. Her hair falls in silky waves. Her eyes deep pools of water. The world quiets. No kids are running or shouting. No mothers are driving minivans filled with noisy carpoolers. No teachers are hurrying students inside. Just her. And me.

“Hi Jamie,” she says.

She is talking to me. She knows my name.

The bus is gone. It takes the bullies away with it. It wipes away my want and my prayer and my hope and my wish. I have new ones now.

eyes on me postcard front

Front of the postcard, art by Herbert Bayer, Lonely Metropolitan, 1932, published by the AGO

eyes on me postcard back

Eyes On Me, on an AGO postcard, Dec 2014

I hope you enjoy it!


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