5 Sep 2012

QWAC – Artist Friends

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

This post I wanted to share with you some of my very talented friends who are going to be showing and selling their artwork at the Queen West Art Crawl along side with me. The show promises to have many more great artists, but these I know personally and can whole heartedly recommend you visiting their booths.

Scott Shingler – Photography

Scott Shingler photography

Scott Shingler, Boy Meets Girl, photograph, from the series "Refined Abstractions"

I know Scott for about 7 years now. We have actually worked together for many years at one of the software companies I used to work for in Toronto. He recently started marketing is amazing creations, and I was happy to direct him with some tips on how and where. But being such a talented guy, Scott is now mastering the art! In his Refined Abstractions series, Scott photographed incense smoke and creates playful and imaginative world.

You can find Scott at booth J34. More about Scott’s photography at Shingler.ca

Steven Crainford – Photography

Steven Crainford, Streaked, photograph.

Steven Crainford, Streaked, photograph.

Steven has a huge array of photographs from his travels around the world, and most recently, his amazing experiments with exposure and manipulations of colours to create abstract artwork. I have interviewed Steven to my 4th episode of “Lets Talk Art”, you can watch it right here on my blog.

You can find Steven at booth M44. More about Steven’s photography at StevenCrainford.com

Joe Colleja – Photography

Joe Colleja, o sea ii (from the The Seaside Triptychs), photography

Joe Colleja, o sea ii (from the The Seaside Triptychs), photography

Like many of my artists friends in Toronto, I met Joe at the Artists’ Network of Riverdale. Other than being a talented graphic designer, Joe finds abstract beauty in architecture and nature alike. I love his compositions and colour schemes!

You can find Joe at booth M42. More about Joe’s photography at CallejaPhotography.com

Felicity Somerset – Photography

Felicity Somerset, Transitions 1, photography

Last year I invited Felicity to talk in front of the Israeli Artists Group, and got a glimpse into her entire career as a fine art photographer. It was amazing to see her inspiration, work process, progress and achievements! I have recently had the pleasure of referring my friends to my photographer friends, and they chose few of Felicity’s creations. Both artist and clients were so delighted about the experience! I am sure you would too.

You can find Felicity at booth J6. More about Felicity’s photography at FelicitySomerset.ca

Adam Collangelo – Metal Art

Adam Colangelo, Willow, copper, 36"x36", 2011

Adam Colangelo, Willow, copper, 36"x36", 2011

What can I say about Adam’s metal art? AMAZING! Every time I see his work, with the varied shapes, colours and compositions he creates from copper, I am speechless. You have to see it for yourself to undersend. Check out his website and come visit him at his booth. You have to treat yourself!

You can find Adam at booth J31. More about Adam’s metal art at AdamColangelo.com

Jamie MacLean – Oil Paintings

Jamie MacLean, Treetops, 36"x36", oil on canvas

Jamie MacLean, Treetops, 36"x36", oil on canvas

If you are looking for Canadian landscapes, look no further! Jamie has all sizes and seasons, and they are masterful. I had hard time choosing which painting to feature here, but at the end I decided to go with the Treetops, as it is not of any tree, but so typical to Canada’s wilderness, although you could find them even in the urban parks of Toronto. You can’t go wrong with Jamie’s artwork, they are timeless.

You can find Jamie at booth F7. More about Jamie’s paintings at ArtistsInCanada.com

Jill Price – Mixed Media

Jill Price, Rurbia: Loft, mixed media on canvas, 3' x 3', 2012

Jill Price, Rurbia: Loft, mixed media on canvas, 3' x 3', 2012

On top of being an amazing artist, Jill is a marketing master! Just check out how she is promoting her artwork and upcoming trip to a show in Turkey – raffling $500 certificate towards buying her artwork. I think you can still buy tickets till September 10! Jill has so much energy. You can watch her on my “Lets Talk Art” interviews.

You can find Jill at booth F9. More about Jill’s paintings at JillPriceStudios.ca

I hope you will enjoy the show, visiting with my friends, and maybe even purchasing some original art. Say hi to all of them – I will be busy at my booth (N24). Here is a map of the show, and our locations highlighted:

QWAC 2012, Moshe Mikanovsky and friends. Click on the image to enlarge



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