22 May 2012

New work at art show

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Last weekend I participated in the annual show of the Israeli Artists Group of Toronto with some new artwork. The show was very nice and I got a lot of encouragements from our visitors, especially with the Battered Life paining.

These are mixed media paintings. They are watercolors on paper, which was first stretched on a panel. The entire painting is then covered with clear wax, protecting the painting underneath and giving it depth and the look-and-feel of encaustic work.

I spent quite some time on Battered Life, so I am glad people “get it”. Many told me that it speaks to them, evoking emotional reaction. That I did something, or many things, right.

I’m happy.




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3 Responses to “New work at art show”

  1. Moshe, I’ve never heard of this technique of putting wax on top of water colour giving an encaustic affect. But I don’t know why I would be surprized as I have seen acrylic and encaustic. I love encaustic work.

    I have mostly been an oil painter but have just started working with egg tempera over the pastwo years and love it!

    I love the old methods but am always on the look out for, and interested in, new techniques or giving and old technique a new twist. Very lovely work!

    Congratulations on your show in T.O., my old home town!
    Catherine Meyers


    catherine meyers

  2. Thank you so much Catherine
    I did got some interesting comments about it and how different it looks… its hard to show in the pictures, but there is a velvety haze on the image from the thickness of the layer of wax, its a really nice effect…


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  3. hey, Moshe,

    VERY well done! I just LOVE this guy, and everything you did with him: the vibrant colours, the composition (the ‘slice’ of face you chose rather than the whole head), the angle – it’s all just fantastic. and it’s also very differrent than your usual ‘themes’, (although you kept your ‘signature’ style of checkered grid background, so I would have reckognised it anywhere as a work of yours even if you wouldn’t have published it).

    his weathered skin is convincing, his piercing eyes are vivid, his hair is very well done and the whole ‘sum’ result is very emotional.

    TA-ANOOG to the eyes!… :-)



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