11 Nov 2011

Lets Talk Art, Episode 1 – Artist Jill Price

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

I am very excited about a new initiative I started recently, and this is the first post, of hopefully many to come, of “Lets Talk Art”.


What is Lets Talk Art?

Lets Talk Art is my new online video blog / TV show, where I interview artists or other professional working in the visual art industry. They come from all over the world, and the main theme connecting them all is “Artistic Success”. I am most interested in sharing with my readers and viewers tips and insights from artists who are full time working on their artwork. How do they define artistic success? What tips and secrets of being full time successful artists they can share with me, and with you? And so on.

I will try to publish one episode each week, with variety of artists from different places, working with different media’s, and in different stages of their careers. Who knows, maybe you will be the next interviewee? If you are interested to share your experience as an artist, gallery owner, curator, or even art collector, please let me know.

Episode 1: Artist Jill Price

In this episode I have interviewed artist Jill Price from Barrie, Ontario. Jill is such an energetic individual, who loves to share her experience. I have met her during the first cycle auditions for the Art For Love Canada TV reality show, and she has made it to the next level, so I really hope she will get in and we will see much more of her.

In the interview Jill shared with me her background, her inspiration for making art, what her current style means and how she defines “Artistic Success”.

So go ahead, and watch/listen the first episode.

Once you are done, I would love to get your feedback. Did you like what you saw? How can I make it even better? Would YOU like to interview for one of my next episodes?



PS You can reach Jill Price via her website www.JillPriceStudios.ca. If you liked it, feel free to share, like, tweet or forward this to your friends. Thanks!

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  1. [...] On top of being an amazing artist, Jill is a marketing master! Just check out how she is promoting her artwork and upcoming trip to a show in Turkey – raffling $500 certificate towards buying her artwork. I think you can still buy tickets till September 10! Jill has so much energy. You can watch her on my “Lets Talk Art” interviews. [...]


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