10 Nov 2011

Be My Jury – New Art Directions

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

I have really enjoyed and valued the feedback I received from many of you when I had to choose paintings to submit to an art show. It was amazing to find out that my favourites were not always other people’s favourites, and that a painting I didn’t like much was actually a “best seller”!

So, I want to do this more. Here is your chance to direct me with my future artwork.

I have started playing recently with encaustic, and painted few pictures. I also just finished a new watercolor which is in a different format from what I used to, so I will add it here to for your review. I wanted to get your opinion on them.

Do you like them?

Is there any one strong composition that you think I should investigate more?

Tell me also what is it that you do not like in these paintings.


Battered Life, watercolors on paper on board, 12"x36"x1.5", 2011

Word Machines - Why

Word Machines - Why, encaustic and oils on board, 16"x16"x1.5", 2011

Word Machines - Why, detail

Word Machines - Why, detail

Word Machines - How Many

Word Machines - How Many, encaustic and oils on board, 12"x24"x1.5", 2011

Word Machines - How Many, detail

Word Machines - How Many, detail

Sky Full of Lighters

Sky Full of Lighters, mixed media on canvas, 24"x12", 2011

Any comment will be appreciated.



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7 Responses to “Be My Jury – New Art Directions”

  1. Hi Moshe,

    I love the fact that you delving into the human aspect of art and hope that you will continue. This mans face appeals to me and I love the offset of the composition, him leaning to the side and not closer to the middle.
    The fact that it is an older person had my attention immediately, but would love to see as much detail in the face as the hair. The hair show’s his age, but the colors and softness of the skin suggests youth.
    I also like your signature (squares) in the back, but would also like it’s color to more reflect the age and overall tone of the painting. I would also like to see the signature without borders, larger squares, engulfing the entire open background. Personally, this is the type of art that I’m attracted to, but get a feeling of Santa Claus with this picture with the colors and youthfulness of the smooth skin and would love to see it as just a portrait of an old man or woman.
    Love your work Moshe,



  2. Thank you Gary,

    Excellent points. I painted this one in two parts, with about 2 months in between and few other paintings… for some reason had difficult time in the middle to try to finish it. But eventually I felt comfortable enough to show it out :-)

    Now, on the other hand, I am still trying to find a more marketable voice. That’s why I tried to work with the encaustic and the more free-style designs… also the encaustic is like “playing” which I enjoy…

    Thanks again Gary


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  3. Well, Moshe, I can’t honestly say I don’t like any of your paintings. I like all of them, and I like the adventures you take to try different ways in your art making.

    My favourites you’ve painted are usually with people or anemones in them. :) I like the closeup of the man with long hair, though I guess you wanted to know about the encaustic medium. I like what you have done with it on the anemones.

    Whatever you chose to show I’m sure will be great.



  4. Thank you Josephine,

    It is all now trial-and-error/playing… I love the possibilities I have with the encaustic, but who knows, maybe I will just stick with the watercolors ;-)

    Thanks again for your comment and feedback.



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  5. You really are good.
    Favourite: Battered Life- fantastic!!!
    don’t like: Sky Full of Lighters
    Word machine is a good concept, needs to have something that ties the 2 halves.
    As for the encaustic – I really don’t know anything about that.


    Rikki Blitt

  6. Hi Moshe:
    I would have to say the word machine series is my favourite especially the third one.


    Edward Peck

  7. Thank you Edward,
    Whenever starting something new, there are always lots of ideas how to proceed with it and take it different places. The feedback I get from you and other readers really help me to see if there is any interest out there for what I am doing :) so I thank you for that!


    Moshe Mikanovsky

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