6 Nov 2011

Couple of recent articles on FineArtViews

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Survey Results from Technology Pains and Tips on Surveys

Few weeks ago I wrote a post asking everyone to fill a quick survey about Technology and Art. In this post, I shared with the readers the results I got from almost 100 participants. For example,

Out of 99 people, 73 indicated they are using Facebook. That is 73.7% of replies. With all the scrutiny we have against Facebook, we still believe that it is a useful tool for us.


About 20% complained it is just too technical, and about the same number of people feel they don’t have enough control over their content.

These were not the highest pain with technology that artists have. Do you know what is the highest one? You can read all the details and find out on FineArtViews.

Artists Creating Their Own Opportunities

In this post I introduced Karen Taylor, an abstract artist from Toronto, who started two groups, Solid Colour and Colourshift Collective. The article describe the groups and Karen’s history, but more importantly, it shows how artists can take matters to their own hands and create together their own opportunities to present and sell their artwork.

Don’t miss this post! You can read it too on FineArtViews, right here.

And like always, I am looking for interesting topics to write about. Artist success stories, tips on marketing, building your own future, handling challenges, questions on technology and almost anything else related to our passion – the arts! So if you have an idea for me, or a question, just let me know. Feel free to add it to the comments of this post or send me an email.



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