17 Oct 2011

DIY Light Box for photographing small art and crafts

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Today I want to share with you a blog post by my friend, jewellery artist Inna Gorstein, of Ingo Jewelry. Inna is taking all of her jewelry photographs by herself, at they are fabulous! They are so sharp and classy, and really presents her creations in the most professional way.

The post is published and edited with Inna’s permission. Check out Ingo Jewelry’s website to see her amazing creations.

DIY Light Box
By Inna Gorstein

This Light Box is made with foam boards and it can be done within an hour. Here is how….

What you will need:

  1. Two white Foam Boards, 22″ by 28″ each. You can find them in any Wal-Mart store in the section where Bristol Papers are sold.
  2. Trace paper (from any dollar store, craft section)
  3. Masking tape
  4. Three adjustable light fixtures with daylight bulbs.
  5. Utility knife


  1. Cut the two foam boards in half to have 4 boards of 14″ by 22″. Use 3 of these boards for sides and back panels. Cut the last panel into 2 pieces – one is 14″ by 14″, will serve as top (roof) panel and the second is just 14″ by 8″ which is enough for the bottom part to hold the shape.
  2. Join the 3 walls and the bottom piece with masking tape.
  3. Before joining the top piece, cut a square smaller than the trace paper. Tape the trace paper on the top part, and join the board as a roof to the light box structure. This will be used as a defused “sky-light” to accommodate light from above.
  4. Place lights on both sides of your light box, and as it shown in my case I placed the top light on top of the sky-light. Make sure your side lights beam to the opposite walls to have defused effect. Note: the top light can be from a light fixture you already have at home, installed from the ceiling. Just make sure it is long enough, and replace the bulb with a day light one. Place the light box underneath it.

Now your light box is ready for shooting.


Inna @ Ingo Jewelry

More tips for artists at the Resources for Artists page.

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