6 Oct 2011

Become an art affiliate – just refer a friend

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

mikanovsky art for sale

The affiliate business online is booming. Everyone who has a product creates some type of affiliate program, tapping into their network’s network. And it pays.

My product is my art. And I would love to sell as much of it as I can. You know my dream, right? To live from my art. So in order to fulfill my dream, I need to sell. Easy, right?

So here is where you, my readers, come into the picture. I would like to start this affiliate program, but not to make it too complicated or fancy. It should be quite simple:

Step 1: I publish my art on my site and blog. That includes already art that I uploaded here, as well as Giclee prints.

Step 2: You send a link to your friends and family, telling them that if they are interested to purchase my art, they just need to mention your name as a referral.

Step 3: Your friends contact me, mentioning your name, and they purchase a painting (or two, or more).

Step 4: Once I get the payment for the artwork, I send you 10% of it. No questions asked.**

Simple? I hope!

And there is more! For every 10 paintings that I will sell through you, I will send you a gift – a Giclee print of your chosen Zodiac sign, currently valued $55. See an example of one here.

So what are you waiting for? You know someone who might like my artwork? Why not send them this post, or my website?

My website: www.mikanovsky.com

The artwork: www.mikanovsky.com/blog/artwork

Blog gallery: www.mikanovsky.com/blog/photos



* For my Ketubah designed sold by Ketubah.com, the buyer will have to contact me directly (or through you), since I do not get the buyers names from Ketubah.com. Only after they contact me I will be able to send you the affiliate fee.

** For my Ketubahs sold via Ketubah.com, I only make a royalty which is a % from the amount the buyers pay Ketubah.com. Therefore, the 10% I will send you will be from that royalty, not from the Ketubah’s price.

Other promotions: Lifetime promotion for all my Ketubah buyers. Please see details at Ketubah, Art, Love, and the “Moshe Was in Our Wedding” Lifetime Promotion

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