27 Sep 2011

To my jury – the paintings I submitted

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Couple of weeks ago I uploaded 4 new paintings that I created for the Little Art Show, and asked you to be my jury, and vote for which 1-3 paintings I should submit to the show. I received many great comments, both here on my blog and on Facebook, and made up my mind for which paintings to submit (which was 2am Club, Cafe Striper and Blue Star).

Then disaster strikes!

Well, it was really my fault. I wanted to cover the paintings with resin, rather than frame them. I love the way it looks with the resin enriching the colours, and it the artwork get another dimension. So, couple of days after the blog post, I set up everything I needed to resin the pieces. I had my work table set in the garage, with ample ventilation, the resin itself, and a new blowtorch I just bought. The blowtorch is used to quickly get rid of the bubbles in the mixed resin, and get a smooth and nice surface.

I tried the blowtorch to see it works, and had some challenge turning it on (that’s what happens when you buy a simple one that does not have a self ignition mechanism), but still decided to go ahead with the project. So, I prepared the resin mixture, and poured it over *all* pieces, and then when it was time to use the blowtorch, it didn’t work! Even when I got it to ignite, when I tilted it down to use it on the resin, it turned off :( . I was pretty upset already at that point, but had no choice and continued with the resin process. Trying to take all these bubbles out manually is close to impossible, although it could be done. Alas, the end result was far from being satisfied. I basically ruined all of the paintings!

Luckily, the Artists’ Network extended the deadline, so I had 2 more weeks to get ready. I quickly started working on couple of other paintings. Then, I also talked with a friend who is a resin expert, and he told me that I can actually fix my flopped-resin-job, by trying to resin it again with another layer. Well, at that point I didn’t want to take any chances! I learned my lesson the hard way. So, I put the four previous paintings aside, for a more quiet week that I can try to salvage them, and I kept the resin away from the two new paintings, finishing them only with couple of layers of Krylon UV-Resistence Acrylic Coating.

So, after that long story, here are the 2 new paintings, which I have submitted today to the Little Art Show. I hope they will be accepted and then sold!

Moshe Mikanovsky, City Center Motel, watercolors on paper, mounted on board, 10"x10"x1.5", 2011

Moshe Mikanovsky, City Center Motel, watercolors on paper, mounted on board, 10"x10"x1.5", 2011

Moshe Mikanovsky, Hotel Del Rio, watercolors on paper, mounted on board, 10"x10"x1.5", 2011

Moshe Mikanovsky, Hotel Del Rio, watercolors on paper, mounted on board, 10"x10"x1.5", 2011

Do you like them? How would you compare them with the previous 4 paintings I made?



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4 Responses to “To my jury – the paintings I submitted”

  1. Sorry about the problems you had. We. teachers, call it a ‘learning opportunity’.

    As for the new paintings, I find them to be FANTASTIC!!! I love them both, and would say that they are better than the first four.
    The first one is especially evocative. I think I prefer it, although the second one is lovely in its pastel colours.

    Be’hatzlacha!!! Best of luck.

    Shana tova,


    Rikki Blitt

  2. I like them both Moshe, but really like the balance of the Del Rio the best..
    I’m kind of quirky and go for things a bit off center. Keep up the great




  3. Both of them are good but

    I like the second one best for its color and design.

    Good luck to you, Moshe


    Judith Fox

  4. Thank you so much Judith :-)
    I hope to sell them both



    Moshe Mikanovsky

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