19 Sep 2011

Queen West Art Crawl 2011 – few new artists founds

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Another beautiful weekend here in Toronto with about twenty degrees and blue skies, what can you ask more for a weekend of art? Last Sunday I was crawling with thousands of others at the Queen West Art Crawl. The art festival is part of a weekend of art events at the west side of Queen Street, which includes a night crawl, art shows at venues such as the Gladstone Hotel, and at many of the stores and restaurants in the area.

I was a bit surprised that there was quite a few craft artisans, since for some reason I thought this art festival is all fine arts – painters, photographers, sculptors etc. But there was quite a few booths with textile products, jewellery and the such. Not complaining, just saying :-)

As you already know, in every show I go, I am always looking for some new findings – artists and art that I connect with, that I appreciate the workmanship, the design and structure, the ingenuity of the work, or just a good feeling I get from the artwork. So here are my picks for this show. Of course I had more that I love – but already know them, so this is just some new faces, for me anyway. I hope you enjoy it too, and check out their websites for more artwork.

Andrew Hornandrewhorne.ca

andrew horne market beer acrylic on canvas 24x18

Andrew Horne, Market Beer, Acrylic on canvas, 24"x18"

Jill Pricewww.jillpricestudios.ca

jill price,Rurbia: Nest, 3' x 3', mixed media on canvas

Jill Price, Rurbia: Nest, 3' x 3', mixed media on canvas

Jane Duncanwww.janeduncan.ca

jane duncan, trophy lovers - the tango, water soluble oil on canvas, 40x30, 2009

Jane Duncan, Trophy Lovers - The Tango, Water soluble oil on canvas, 40"x30", 2009

S W Austin - swaustinart.blogspot.com

SW Austin birth of flight 12x84 acrylic on board

S W Austin, Birth of Flight, Acrylic on board, 12"x84"

Eugene Paunilwww.eugenepaunil.com

Eugene Paunil masks

Eugene Paunil, Masks, cardboard

Huy Lamwww.huylamart.blogspot.com

huy lam, Genius, 2011, 20x24, Archival Digital Print

Huy Lam, Genius, 2011, 20"x24", Archival Digital Print, edition of 100

Huy Lam, Genius, 2011, 20"x24", Archival Digital Print, edition of 100

Huy Lam, Genius (detail), 2011, 20"x24", Archival Digital Print, edition of 100

Lauren Blakeywww.laurenblakey.com


Lauren Blakey, clay

Tina Dingwww.tinadart.ca – I love her birch tree paintings!

tina ding, Snuggle Oil on canvas 30x40

Tina Ding, Snuggle, Oil on canvas, 30"x40"

Special mention to Ruth Waters. This was Ruth’s first art festival, and while preparing for the show she found my blog and all the posts I wrote last year about preparing for an art show, and she mentioned it on her blog. It was great meeting you Ruth!

Ruth Waterswww.etsy.com/shop/ruthwaters

ruth waters, Carousel, acrylic and ink on paper 8x10

Ruth Waters, Carousel, Acrylic and ink on paper, 8"x10"



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2 Responses to “Queen West Art Crawl 2011 – few new artists founds”

  1. I loved Lauren Blakely’s stuff as well. After my big sale I went down to buy a piece, but decided that it would have to wait until all of my studio and supply costs were looked after. I am definately keeping my eye on her though.


    Jill Price

  2. She is very talented indeed! I also loved her booth design… looked really nice and presented her art beautifully.



    Moshe Mikanovsky

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