2 Sep 2011

Zodiac Art – Virgo

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Virgo, August 23rd to September 22nd

Happy Birthday Virgos!

Virgo from the Zodiac

Virgo, detail from Zodiac, Watercolors.

The Virgo have several traditional representations, either holding a stalk of wheat (coming from Greek and Roman traditions of the goddesses responsible for the harvest time of the year), or with a white lily (representing the virgin, Maria mother of Jesus, in the christian iconography) or even with a unicorn (another mythological representations that was adopted by christian traditions). In the Jewish artwork which include the Zodiac, the Virgo is usually represented simply by a young woman.

When searching for source material for my Zodiac symbols, I found this image of a young woman in a contemplating position. Her simple features, and the look in her eyes, staring at the unknown and withholding her thoughts were a perfect match for the emotion I wanted to convey in the image for the Virgo.

You all know by now that I am selling prints of each of the Zodiac images, both on paper and on canvas, in different sizes. In addition, I created several items at my Zazzle store, carrying the image of each of the Zodiac signs (including those of Virgo of course). If you want a unique gift for a loved one, why not buy him or her a beautiful art of their Zodiac sign?



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