2 Aug 2011

Drawing at the mall

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Last week I joined my mentor, artist Gary Smith, to a drawing session at the mall. I met him at the Eaton Centre, in downtown Toronto. Gary has years of experience painting outdoors, in front of people watching, and he actually seems to enjoy it. I don’t have much experience doing it, so it was good breaking out of my comfort zone.

Usually Gary would paint with his oils, but this time he brought his packages of pastels. We really enjoyed the cool air conditioned mall, while outdoors was more than 30c degrees. The mall was quite busy, but Gary found a wonderful model in the shape of a manikin in a window. And me? I drew Gary…

Gary Smith painting at Eaton Centre, Toronto, ON

Gary Smith painting at Eaton Centre, Toronto, ON

The store front

The store front - excellent model!

Gary schmoozing

Gary schmoozing

Kids love art

Kids love art, and they love to watch, touch and be part of the creative process

Mall's secutiry concern about the easle

The Mall's Security were concern about the easle...

Gary paints on the garbage can

So Gary folded it up, and continue painting on the garbage can...

Another painting

Another painting of a manikin

One of my sketches of Gary at work

One of my sketches of Gary at work

Check out Gary’s website, his art, workshops and classes: www.escapewithgary.com



Read more about Gary:

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3 Responses to “Drawing at the mall”

  1. Moshe, what a great idea!! thanks!!


    mimi torchia boothby watercolors

  2. Very good idea, i hope to read more about the flash mobs, and thanks for introducing me to your blog.


    karl johnston

  3. I love your drawing of Gary! Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope to create an art flash mob in Stockton, where I live, soon.


    Joy Neas

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