21 Jun 2011

Zodiac Art – Cancer

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Cancer, June 21- July 22

Moshe Mikanovsky, Cancer, detail from Zodiac, watercolors, 2009

Moshe Mikanovsky, Cancer, detail from Zodiac, watercolors, 2009

From Wikipedia:

According to an ancient Greek legend, the figure of a crab was placed in the nighttime sky by the goddess Hera to form the constellation Cancer. Hera swore to kill Heracles, the most famous Greek hero. Hera attempted to kill Heracles in many different ways, but each time his incredible physical strength allowed him to survive. Hera cast a spell of madness on Heracles, causing him to commit a great crime. In order to be forgiven, he had to perform twelve difficult tasks. One of these tasks was destroying the terrible nine-headed water-serpent, Hydra.

During the battle between Heracles and Hydra, the goddess Hera sent a crab to aid the serpent. But Heracles, being so strong, killed the crab by smashing its shell with his foot. As a reward for its service, Hera placed the crab’s image in the night sky.

As a kid growing up not too far from Tel Aviv, we spent many summer days on the beach. You don’t see on the crowded beaches too many crabs, but once in awhile there were couple of them, traveling sideways from one sand hole to another. Between those and the swarms of jellyfish, we were lucky not to return home with some nasty bite! Nowadays, the closest I can get to seeing a crab here in Toronto is if I venture down town to Chinatown, where they are sold alive for consumption (yuk!).

There is something mysterious about crabs/Cancers. I hope I was able to convey that in this painting. How alien-like they are, hiding under their protective shell…

Do you know of any Cancer that would like this artwork? Or maybe you are looking for a different business card design with your Zodiac sign? Check these out then:

Giclee Prints Available:

Individual Zodiac sign – Image size 7″x7″ on 11″x11″ paper, open edition, signed: $55

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Individual Zodiac sign – Image size 8″x8″ on 10″x10″ canvas, open edition, signed

Stretching option

Other products available (click on the image or the name of the item to open the Zazzle store for prices and customization options):Cancer Zodiac Thank You Cardcancer-zodiac-thank-you-card

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Cancer Zodiac Business Card Template


If you would like to have my Cancer artwork on other products in Zazzle, such as mouse pad, iPad case, speakers, coffee mug etc, just let me know and I will be delighted to create it for you.

Next month: the lion Leo! Guess who is a Leo?? For a quick peek check my Zazzle store.



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