19 Jun 2011

7 days of creation – now on Zazzle

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

I was pleased to receive an email recently from a nice lady in South Africa, who found my 7 days of creation artwork online. It’s always such a pleasure when someone from the other side of the world tells me how she find my artwork and how much she loves it!

In this case, she was interested in purchasing the artwork as a set in order to use it for education purposes, teaching her son about the different creations of each day. I didn’t have any of the images uploaded on Zazzle, so she couldn’t order any of them. But that is not a problem! It’s a classic case of how someone can contact me directly, and I am more than happy to oblige.

So now, I am happy to announce, that I uploaded all 7 paintings to my Zazzle store, creating a new category, called (how obvious) “7 Days of Creation“. At the moment, I added Postcards, each featuring one painting from the series. If your browser supports Flash, you will be able to see them right here below. Otherwise, visit my store to check them out.



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