14 Jun 2011

Zodiac Art – Gemini

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

I almost forgot to post this month’s Zodiac sign – Gemini, or the twins – so I hope this is not too late! After-all, last month I completely ignored all Tauruses. My apologies to all the bulls out there. Happy belated birthday to all Tauruses who celebrated last month, and for all Geminis who are celebrating now.

I presented my Zodiac painting (the entire set in one painting) in an art show recently, and one of the Geminis there told me she was surprised to see representation of the twins as boys rather than girls, and wearing a Kippah (skullcap)! She did love it though. I told her that these twins are my wife’s nephews, who live in Israel, David and Nathanael. Out of all the “models” I used to the Zodiac, they were the only two that I knew. It was great to have such handsome twin couple to pose for me, even from distance and via photographs their mother took.

So Gemini time is almost over this year, by June 20th. It might be too late to buy that unique gift for a special one who is a Gemini. Just remember that the artwork is always here, and is always available for you to inquire about and purchase. As usual, there are the Giclee prints on paper and on canvas, as well as different products on my Zazzle store.

Gemini, from the Zodiac

Gemini, from the Zodiac, Watercolors

Giclee Prints Available:

Individual Zodiac sign – Image size 7″x7″ on 11″x11″ paper, open edition, signed:

Individual Zodiac sign – Image size 7″x7″ on 8″x8″ canvas, open edition, signed:

Stretching option

Individual Zodiac sign – Image size 8″x8″ on 10″x10″ canvas, open edition, signed:

Stretching option

Other products available (click on the image or the name of the item to open the Zazzle store for prices and customization options):

Gemini Zodiac Thank You Card


Gemini Zodiac Button


Gemini Zodiac Key chain


Gemini Zodiac Fridge Magnet


Gemini Zodiac US Postage


Gemini Zodiac Business Card Template


If you would like to have my Gemini artwork on other products in Zazzle, such as mouse pad, iPad case, speakers, coffee mug etc, just let me know and I will be delighted to create it for you.

Next month: the crab Cancer! For a quick peek check my Zazzle store.



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