10 Jun 2011

Riverdale Art Walk 2011 – some great finds

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

I have several friends whom participated at the Riverdale Art Walk, and which art I already familiar with, like painter Susan Avishaiphotographer Steven Crainford and encaustic painter Salomon Khammi, so this time I want to share with you some of the new artists that I never seen before, and this might be there first art fair. Being presenting my own artwork for the first time in an art fair in last year’s RAW, I know exactly how these artists felt! So exciting! But, some of the following are already established artists, and it was the first time for me to see their artwork. So here it is:

Wilfred Wong - www.typeizcrazy.blogspot.com/

I love Wilfred’s style in watercolors, which is clean, illustrative and whimsical. Loved the Fish and Chips paintings!

Wilfred Wong, fish and chips, watercolors on paper

Wilfred Wong, Fish and Chips, watercolors on paper, 2011

 Adrienne Dagg - www.adriennedagg.blogspot.com/

Wow! I really loved Adrienne’s powerful portraits, and I was happy to see she was selling them well. I am taking now Figure Painting class at the TSA with Paul Turner, and I could see in her work everything that he was teaching us, and more. All of her paintings are so powerful!

Adrienne Dagg, Morning, oil on canvas, 3'x4', 2009

Adrienne Dagg, Morning, oil on canvas, 3'x4', 2009

Lynne Schumacher - www.schumachergalleries.com/

Although I am usually not drawn into photo-realistic paintings, at Lynne’s booth I was quite stunned. large canvases with amazing depictions of rural Canadian areas, trees, river beds, rock formations etc, and the details are just amazing.

Lynne Schimacher, Beaver Dams, oil on canvas, 40"x40"

Lynne Schimacher, Beaver Dams, oil on canvas, 40"x40"

Pamela Williamswww.interlog.com/~romantic

Maybe it’s because of my Seen by an Angel series, which I based on images of angels from cemeteries, or it’s my love of everything Italian, especially the art and classical representation of the human body in Italian art. In either case, I was drawn to Pamela’s photography of  cemetery sculptures from Italy and other European  capitals. Breathtaking!

Pamela Williams, Sublime, photography

Pamela Williams, Sublime, photography

 Janet F. Potter - www.artistsincanada.com/potter

At the show Janet presented her mixed media hand made books, but her mixed media canvases are also at the Rouge Concept Gallery just west of the RAW’s main location, and I even got a peek into her studio space at the back of the Hang Man Gallery (the home of the Artists’ Network), and I saw some more of her canvases. Using an image transfer technique, I love the wide panoramic format with the old-post-card limited palette. Just magical…

Janet F Potter, Paris Ontario, mixed media on canvas

Janet F Potter, Paris Ontario, mixed media on canvas

I hope you enjoyed. I sure did!



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2 Responses to “Riverdale Art Walk 2011 – some great finds”

  1. hey, Moshe!

    thanks for introducing these FAB artists to those who couldn’t just ‘skip’ over the ocean, to see their work in the art fair.
    i followed the links to their sites, and especially liked the humour of Wilfred Wong’s fish ‘n chips series, but also loved his sheep serries.
    and i was especially impressed by the crazy talent of Lynne Schumacher. (big canvases with each stone, blade of grass and drop of water ‘photographed’ so skillfully, by her oil paint and brush.. AMAZING.


    Dalia Bar-Dror

  2. Aren’t they great?
    That’s the beauty of blogging – you can share with your global friends everything, including some great artists and art!



    Moshe Mikanovsky

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