27 May 2011

Been awhile, where is the art?

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

I have been so busy recently doing, well, stuff… didn’t have the time I wish I had for focusing on making new art or on writing, so it’s been awhile since you got anything from me. But, I was trying to get myself busy, in as much spare time as I could, doing some art related things.

So what did I have?

  • I am taking a figure painting class now at the Toronto School of Art with artist Paul Turner. I enjoy this class immensely, and Paul is a great teacher! Already learned so much about colour mixing (always had a problem with that), laying colour down, painting in value, and more! The paintings themselves are quite raw, so I am not sure I should put them online. I love this class!
  • I will be persenting one of my painting at the Israeli Artist Group of Toronto’s 3rd Annual Art Show celebrating Yom Yerushalaim (Jerusalem Day). This will be next weekend, June 2-5, at the historic MacDonald House in Thornhill.
  • I started writing again for Shalom Toronto, and published recently an article about 20 years for Operation Solomon, and author Judie Oron, author of the award winning book, Cry of the Giraffe (Annick Press).
  • For Yom Ha’atzmaut, I participated as a vendor at a celebration at Temple Sinai. The organization of the event was fantastic, and few of my friends from the Israeli Artists Group of Toronto presented with me. It was a great exposure.
  • I recently gave a day workshop the Distillery District, for participants of the Fusion, the Ontario Clay and Glass Association, talking about Social Media applications for marketing your artwork. Was wonderful workshop.
  • And lastly, I got lots of rejection letters from art shows I applied to. Yes, rejections! Each one of quite disappointing, but overall, gave me more push to try again in the future. I am still waiting for couple of shows to see if they will accept me, so wish me luck!

Keep your eyes open for more information about the above. It just make sense to have a blog post for each, right? right!



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