21 Mar 2011

Zodiac Art – Aries

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Today is March 21st, marking the first day of Aries in the calender, ending at April 20th. So first of all, for all you Arieses out there – Happy Birthday!  

Aries is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac. Whether you follow your astrology map religiously, or think it is mambo-jumbo, you might like to purchase some artistic representation of your Zodiac sign, or maybe a gift to one of your love ones.  

Since creating the Zodiac artwork, I  have made each of the symbols available on its own for artistic Giclee prints as well as printed on quality products such as cards, US Postal stamps, key chains and more.  

So here is the Aries, the ram:  

Zodiac Art - Aries



Giclee Prints available:  

Individual Zodiac sign – Image size 7″x7″ on 11″x11″ paper, open edition, signed:  

Individual Zodiac sign – Image size 7″x7″ on 8″x8″ canvas, open edition, signed: 

Stretching option

Individual Zodiac sign – Image size 8″x8″ on 10″x10″ canvas, open edition, signed:  
Stretching option


Other products available (click on the image or the name of the item to open the Zazzle store) for prices and customization options:

Aries Thank You Card  


Aries Zodiac Button  


Aries Zodiac Key chain  


Aries Zodiac Fridge Magnet  


Aries Zodiac US Postage  


Aries Zodiac Business Card template  



As always, if you would like to have my Aries artwork on other products in the Zazzle store, such as mouse pad, coffee mug, an apron or any other item you see, just let me know and I will be more than happy to create it for you.  

Next month: the bull Taurus! For a quick peek check my Zazzle store.  



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