7 Nov 2010

Search Known Art Scammers – a FASO service

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

FASO-LogoFineArtViewsOnline just launched a new service for artists, the Search Known Art Scammers.

I received in the past several emails that looked and smelled fishy, and immediately I searched online for phrases from the emails, to see if other people received them as well. Now, with FASO’s new service, no need to search any more! Just use the search to enter the name of the sender, the email address, or the IP address where the mail came from, and see what comes up.

Kudos to Clint and the dedicated team at FASO for putting together this free service!!

Go check it out at the Search Known Art Scammers page.

If the search didn’t yield any result, it might be good to Google search some keywords or terms from the email you got (just in case). And always remember to apply caution when dealing with too-good-to-be-true buyers. Don’t send money or merchandise before you make sure you receive payment.



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One Response to “Search Known Art Scammers – a FASO service”

  1. MOSHE!……

    my dear, this info is priceless!

    i didn’t know they existed. it’s such a welcome and important iniciative, developed by FASO, and a huge thank you, Moshe, for opening our eyes, and pointing us to the right directions.

    many of us, are talented artists, but clueless in the business side of things, and even more so – in the quick developing on line-global-art dealing world.

    although it might not be full proof yet – it’ll still save us from making at least SOME of the otherwise many costly mistakes.


    big hugs, SHAVUA TOV, and i wish u the best success that u deserve in yr coming exhebition.


    Dalia Bar-Dror

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