7 Oct 2010

Check your spelling or live with the typo forever

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Today I published an article on FineArtViews, the Ten Reasons for the Emerging Artist to Join a Local Art Group. One of the points I was referring to, in addition to talking to Emerging artist, was also the Struggling one. Here is what I said:

So, I wanted to summarize and share with you 10 of the reasons why you should join a local art group. Here I am trying to talk to artists like me – either emerging, or “straggling”. Although I hate the word “straggling”, I am sure you all know what I mean. We try hard, we try our best, but we still need that day job to keep going. So, with these benefits, and many other things we do, one day we will make it and not be straggling any longer!

Did you notice the typo? I didn’t in the beginning… But artist Deborah Weinstein, with the keen eyes, commented as follow:

Moshe, I do enjoy your posts. This morning I am smiling to myself at your choice of the word “straggling,” which certainly describes my situation – kind of dawdling, not sure whether I actually want to join the marketing stampede – or whether you really meant “struggling,” which also works in the context of your post but means something different. And also describes my growth as an artist. It is a struggle, all right.

That made me laugh! I actually like that typo now, like these watercolor bleeds I learned to love, and actually wait for them to happen…

It remind me of another typo I did in the past. About 6 years ago I took a ceramic pottery class. I always love taking different type of art classes, to learn new techniques, and see what they are all about. Sometime also to just see if  I like doing it, and whether its “for me” or not. In that class we did everything hand-build. One of the items I worked on was a long and narrow platter, which I wanted to use either for bread, or cookies, or cake. It was done by a simple slab, cut to shape on a Salmon fish styrofoam tray. And, I used these Wilton cake-decorating mirror-shape letters to stamp the words “CAKE COOKIES BREAD” in the middle of the platter.

Well, guess what, I didn’t have my spell check with me! And I realized the mistake only after firing it. So, no way back, can’t fix it.

Cake Cookies Bread platter

Cake Cookies Braed platter

It’s not a masterpiece at all, very crooked and plain, but I still like using it. And that typo actually makes it quite charming, don’t you think so? I always look to see if my guests will notice it or not :-)





Do you have any typo funny stories? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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4 Responses to “Check your spelling or live with the typo forever”

  1. Well, Moshe, my story also concerns a work of art and a misspelling in a second language, Hebrew, not my native tongue, and I still can’t really laugh about it. At the time we had been living in Israel for several years, and I could speak Hebrew quite fluently, but reading and writing remained laborious. I worked on an elaborate drawing for days which was to be part of a poster to announce a cultural event on Sabbath eve (erev shabat). The drawing was really gorgeous, even the lettering, which I added very painstakingly by hand. And I misspelled Sabbath. The people in charge of the evening refused to put the poster up that way, so I had to cut and paste the drawing onto a new sheet. Simply embarrassing.


    Deborah Weinstein

  2. Hi Deborah,
    I can still feel your pain over that much work done and the embarrassment, but, this is an opportunity to learn from. Sometime we all make mistakes in order to become better in what we do. It is just natural human behavior. And I am glad you added the story here :-)



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  3. I loved the word “straggling” and because it seemed so descriptive with several meanings, I thought it was a perfect word and intentional!!! Loved your article, and joining my local art association almost a year ago has propelled my work into the public. It was a great decision to join for all the reasons you mentioned in your article.


    Laurie Finkelstein

  4. Thank you so much Laurie,

    Now I actually love that typo that I made! I can definitely live with it! :-)
    Glad you shared your experience with the group you joined.
    For me, joining the two groups was instrumental! I am now the president of the Israeli Artists Group of Toronto, I am regularly writing to a local Israeli newspaper (Shalom Toronto) because I wrote articles about the group’s members, I have given several classes to the group members and been invited by other groups to talk about Social Media through connections I made at the group, and the list is endless!
    Also through my membership with the Artists’ Network I have made so much! I talked twice to the group about Social Media and Online Marketing, participated in an Art Fair (on which I wrote so much in FAV) and other art shows, and met many new friends.



    Moshe Mikanovsky

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