30 Sep 2010

Tell Your Story Experiment

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

This article was published on FineArtView blog on September 23, 2010

Tell Your Story Experiment

by Moshe Mikanovsky

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Today I want to share with you an experience that showed me firsthand how true it is that your story can make people love your art in a way that the pictures sometimes can’t. This is kind of the opposite of “a picture worth thousands words”, because in what I hope to illustrate today, even less than 1000 words do worth more than any picture could.

This experiment has two parts. And bear with me – you will have to do some work here, but don’t fret, it is really easy.

OK, so first I want you to read the following. This is from a FASO artist, Irene Salley, from her blog:

I have been asked many times why I was giving away so many paintings. I think today is the time for me to explain why.


What a beautiful day it was, that Sunday February 3rd 2008!

The air was crisp and joyful.  All seemed so peaceful and harmonious!

It was Super Bowl Sunday, but most of all, it was this magic day when the family had gathered to build a Tree House. Papa, maman, Josephine, Remington and a dear friend were singing their joy in the sun.

And then, the unthinkable happened.

And now continue to read Irene’s story on her blog here. Make sure you come back after you read it. AND, don’t browse her art gallery just yet, just read her story: http://irenesalley.com/blog/13476/why-did-i-donate-my-paintings-to-a-foundation-that-honors-children

OK, now that you are back and I am sure most of you felt something when reading it, probably even shed a tear or two.  Now I want you, with these fresh feelings, to go and see her art (and then, don’t forget to come back): http://irenesalley.com/works

So you have read Irene’s story, written from the bottom of her heart, and then you have seen her paintings. How does it make you feel? Do you feel more connection to the paintings? Can you feel her pain in them? Maybe her emotions? Or her hope? Can you feel and see her healing process?

I did.

And I still do.

So here is my point – tell your story. Yes, you reveal yourself through your art. But not everyone gets it. Many people need to hear your story in order to get it. And then they will love your art. Or at least, they will understand it.

And the second part of this exercise, you probably guessed it already. Go write your story. And tell us about it.

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