20 Sep 2010

My art with the Israeli Artists Group at Shalom Centre

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

The artists of the Israeli Artists Group of Toronto have partnered with Shalom Centre to show and sell their art.

The centre is the home of Shalom Toronto, a weekly newspaper in Hebrew and English distributed freely around Toronto and the GTA in more than 17,000 copies, and ShalomLife.com, its online magazine. The centre is also a cultural meeting place for the local Israeli community, and with its new learning centre, it will boast an array of courses for all ages. Many events are held at the centre, including last Tuesday’s support for Mario G. Racco, the Vaughan mayoral candidate.

The event was also the launch of the partnership with the Israeli Artists Group, where 6 of the group’s member showed their artwork, including Ziva Lepsker, Dorit Elbaz, Alisa Levona, Smadar Meiri, Meni Connen and Moshe Mikanovsky.

All artwork on display is for sale, and will be displayed continuously, so feel free to visit Shalom Centre to see it, and maybe buy someone you love some new artwork.

Shalom Center
361 Connie Crescent
Concord, Ontario L4K 5R2

The artwork I chose to display at the center includes my Olive Tree Ketubah, and a series of 4 Israeli Trees: Olive Tree, Date Tree, Cypress Tree and Acacia.

Here are some images from Shalom Centre and from the opening last week.

Moshe Mikanovsky art at Shalom Centre

Moshe Mikanovsky art at Shalom Centre. From left clockwise: Olive Tree Ketubah, Cypress Tree, Acacia, Olive Tree, Date Tree

Moshe Mikanovsky art at Shalom Centre

Moshe Mikanovsky art at Shalom Centre

Moshe Mikanovsky with the art at Shalom Centre

Me with my art



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