19 Sep 2010

Celebrating the Unknown Blogging Road

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Two weeks ago I celebrated a real mile stone in my life. Friday was my 1st anniversary for my blog. I passed my first major marker in my Unknown Blogging Road.

Here is what I wrote that day:

If you are an avid blogger who started awhile ago, you probably remember the feeling of accomplishment, reaching this milestone of a full year blogging without giving it up.

If you have not started blogging yet, believe me – you should.

And if you started, wrote once in awhile, and thinking of calling it quits – don’t. It works, it really does. And it’s worth it.

I then listed some statistics about my blog. And already got challenged by a reader to make it 5 times bigger in the next 12 months! I am up to the challenge, but of course, there is a reason why we do it.

Few months ago I shared with you some of the fears I had before I started blogging. This year’s celebration includes also a small kick-to-the-behind for not starting it earlier! There is so much to gain, but nothing to lose! The only thing you might lose is time in the studio, making art. But we all know that making the art without sharing it with anyone means nothing. And blogging is one amazing way to share your art with the world. Get exposure. Get people to know you. And from that to selling your art, or making monies in other related ways, the road becomes shorter.

But this road is one that you might know where it starts, but it is hardly known where it ends. True, you might have goals and objectives and strategy to get there. But it’s one thing to read about blogging and planning it, it’s another to actually do it.

I think this is what discourages people the most about it. I must admit, I almost gave up on it once or twice. This makes this celebration even sweeter. I faced my challenges and I didn’t quit.

Before I started blogging, I didn’t know I actually love writing! And moreover, that I can share this gift with so many people not only on my own blog, but in other publications such as Fine Art Views.

Before I started blogging, I thought I have to write only about my art. But what really brings people into your blog is writing about other artists. Or writing helpful posts about making art. Or about the business of art.

Before I started blogging I set a goal to write about the art of the Ketubah, one of my niche markets, but I was discouraged since I didn’t have ideas how to make it stand out from other artists in this domain. As time went by, I learned how to generate unique content that does stand out.

Before I started blogging, I knew about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in concept, but didn’t have the feeling for how it is actually done or how it works. I tried and made mistakes and learned from them, then corrected myself.  The more I do, the better this road becomes.

So here is my challenge to you – to make this celebration even bigger – start your unknown road and tell me how you are doing. Tell me about your success in your Unknown Road.

It does not have to be the Unknown Blogging Road. It can be anything that you have been afraid of starting. What about the Unknown Showing My Art Road? Or the Unknown-Teaching-Art-Road? Or maybe a simpler one, like the Unknown-Joining-An-Art-Group-Road? Oh, I have another good one, the Unknown-Licensing-My-Art-Road. There are so many out there. But your road is waiting. And along the way it has amazing views, wonderful people, beautiful buildings and much reward.

For much success and many milestone celebrations!



PS If you are interested in reading my 1st year numbers, visit my blog. They are not so impressive, but I am still happy.

This article was published on FineArtView blog on September 9, 2010

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