3 Sep 2010

Moshe Mikanovsky Art blog celebrates 1 year!

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Wow! This day a year ago I started blogging! It is hard to believe that a year already passed by. Since my first post in which I shared my inspiration for art, I have done, and learned, so much about blogging.

Virgo from the Zodiac

Virgo, detail from Zodiac, Watercolors.

If you are an avid blogger who started awhile ago, you probably remember the feeling of accomplishment, reaching this milestone of a full year blogging without giving it up.

If you have not started blogging yet, believe me – you should.

And if you started, wrote once in awhile, and thinking of calling it quits – don’t. It works, it really does. And its worth it.

To celebrate this milestone, I decided to create a list. Of numbers, and statistics, and facts, but one that summarizes what I see as a huge success. Her it goes:

Note: the following information is mostly based on WordPress statistics plug-in.

Number of posts81 (including this one). That is better than my goal of one post per week!

Number of images247

Total views18,540

Most read postList of 120+ websites for artists to build online presence 5,351 views! Followed by Artists Online Presence – how one artist does it? (976 times). The Home page was viewed 2,295 times, and the Blog Gallery 777 times.

Number of subscribers41. Compared with the high number of viewers and interest generating posts, does this low number means there is still not enough interest in what I have to say?

Busiest dayThursday, June 17, 2010 – 557 views

Retweets - List of 120+ websites for artists to build online presence  was retweeted 109 times. That is the highest of all my other posts.

Number of comments384

Spam comments captured – 2,502. Thanks for Akismet plug-in!

Keywords used to find the blogfoliotwist reviews (55 times), seo for artists (34), boundless gallery (34), project xi (30), moshe mikanovsky (29), ketubah artists (28) and many more…

Appears on Google search resutls page 1All the above. Also the terms Moshe art, Ketubah art, art show invite, watercolor resin, and more…

Incoming Links889 (thanks to Yahoo Site Explorer)

Countries where blog was viewed67 countries, out of which 56.71% of views were from the USA. Canada follows with 27.75%, then Israel with 3% and many other countries below that. (this info is from my Google Analytics, and applies also to my main site, not just the blog)

Writing gigsFineArtViews blog, Shalom Toronto newpaper, ShalomLife.com

Income made from blogging efforts – More Ketubah sales (this is hard to quantify because I license my artwork to Ketubah.com, and I don’t have direct connection to the clients, so I am not sure if they found my Ketubah designs through my blog or not), writing gigs, Zazzle sales, art shows sales, prints, licensing for calendar (more info soon), paid link to site.

No income made from – affiliates, Amazon, AdSense

Other achievements – developed and started teaching New Media for Artists courses, made many new online-friends, started on Twitter, Facebook page.

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17 Responses to “Moshe Mikanovsky Art blog celebrates 1 year!”

  1. Congratulations Moshe! Now – make it 5 times bigger in the next 12 months!





  2. Thank you Daniel,
    That will be a challenge I am up to! :-)
    Probably not the number of posts (for that I will have to post 1.1 times a day per average), but definitely the other numbers…



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  3. Congrats ! I’m saving this post. I just recently subscribed so I haven’t seen all this info. Thanks.



  4. Thanks Moshe! I just started my blog http://straightlinez.com/blog/ this week and I can see I have a long way to go. I read your post “Celebrating the unknown blogging road” on my FineArtViews daily newsletter. I thank you for the “real” story of the long road. Now I need to subscribe!



  5. This seems wonderful. I salute you for your accomplishment. I hope that it bought you some sales.
    The thing is no one reads my blog because I do not know what to do to generate readers.


    irene salley

  6. Congratulations. Time flies when you are having fun. I will be checking in on you.


    Jo Castillo

  7. Moshe: Congratulations on your impressive year! I have enjoyed looking at your work….beautiful. I am just getting started at this blogging business and enjoy it though am not at all sure exactly where it is leading me. Lots to learn about how to get people to look at things and sure wish visitors would take time to make comments…good or bad!! But you give me great hope and I shall continue on my “road”. Best always……Peg


    Peg Whitacre

  8. I wish I could be as happy as you are about my blog.

    I have been sooooooooooo interrupted by the blog NOT WORKING and causing allllll sorts of problems. It actually put into tears and anger. (and I’m not easily pushed there.

    It really put a HUGE damper on my enjoyment of the whole process.

    I can only pray that this year will be better for my blog.

    but when I read about your anniversary of blog happiness, I am encouraged ..well darn it…I’m going to get mine too


    Diane Tasselmyer

  9. Congratulations, Moshe!!

    I love blogging too and have enjoyed the posts you’ve done that have been reprinted in FASO…

    I also think that the art on this post is wonderful…


    Marian Fortunati

  10. It’s nice to see that you are so passionate about your blog.
    I am proud for your accomplishment and hope that in the future you could have more time and a free conscience to make it your full time job.
    Keep your good spirit; give it the time to ripen and to bloom…
    I am here now and I will be there tomorrow.



    Some one you know

  11. I rejoice with you! THank you for your writings and paintings! We all need extra encouragement to continue in our path and you have done that for me! I am sharing my blogspot here and hope you’ll check it out.



  12. Hi Bobby,

    Great that you started your blog!
    Just keep it a habit, and you will see that it will work for you, like it did for me.

    Few comments on your blog:
    - I wanted to leave a message but it didn’t allow me to, it asked me to login. To change it, go in WordPress to Settings->Discussions, and turn off the “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” under “Other comment setting”.
    - You have at the bottom of your blog the Footer Left Content, Footer middle etc. You should remove these or put something in there. I worked once with the eDegree Theme, and I don’t remember now the exact way to do that, but it is probably in the Appearance->Widgets.
    - You want to use Permalinks. This will help you with SEO. To change it, go to Setting -> Permalinks, and choose anything but the Default and numeric. I have it setup to be Day and name.

    There is still a lot to learn, just remember to take baby steps and eventually it will lead you to great places!



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  13. Dear Irene,

    You told me that you don’t know what to do to generate readers. So first, thank you for posting your comment on my blog, since that comment brought me here (http://irenesalley.com/blog/13476/why-did-i-donate-my-paintings-to-a-foundation-that-honors-children), and I am so touched by your story and by the way your art helped you healed, in some way…
    You wrote the story in such a touching and loving way, that I could feel it! And to tell you a secret – I didn’t see your art before I read it, but after I did, I already knew I will LOVE your art! and I do! It is beautiful!!! So expressive, explosive with colors. It is just amazing.

    Thank you for sharing it! I would like to share your story with others, if you will allow me to.



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  14. Hi Peg,

    Thanks for the comment. The blog URL you put on the comment is not working… Can you send me again so I can see and comment? :-)



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  15. Hi Diane,

    Thanks for the comment. I don’t know much about blogger, but from what I have seen and read, I am happy that I am with WordPress… I hope you much success getting over the hurdles with your blog.

    You know, I used to live in Oak Park, MI between 1996-2002, so I recognize lots of your beautiful work scenery… :-)



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  16. Hi Marian,

    Thank you so much! Seeing your site and blog, you are doing it for few years already!! This is so great. And your art is beautiful!!!

    Thanks again


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  17. Hi Rachel (PrsRtst),

    Thank you for the comment on my blog. I checked your blog and I love how clean it looks, and also that you are already selling on it. This is something I neglected to do, and still on my To Do list.



    Moshe Mikanovsky

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