27 Jul 2010

Helping an artist friend

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

I recently wrote about artist Sarit Assaf, who ventured from Israel to the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, to show and sell her unique crocheted jewelry. I met Sarit personally at the show, and had some great time chatting with her and seeing her amazing creations.

I received a request for help from Sarit. With all the hectic and excitement time she had at the show, she misplaced and lost one of the Credit Card slips that she used to charge her clients. She hope now that the client will somehow figure out that it was not charged, and try to contact her to check why.

So, I am trying to help Sarit by posting this request here. If you are the honest client, who bought a necklace and a bracelet for around $800, on Saturday morning, July 10th, at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit (Nathan Phillips Square), please contact Sarit at saritassaf@netvision.net.il You can also contact me through my contact page.

Sarit Assaf in her booth at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit 2010

Sarit Assaf in her booth at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit 2010

I know how stressful it can be to prepare for an art show, and make sure everything is working it. On top of that coming from a foreigh country just add to the total stress and things to remember. And at the end of the day, our efforts as artists are to make a living honestly and be proud about what we do. I hope Sarit will be able to resolve this issue.



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