15 Jun 2010

Ketubah.com marries religion and artwork – from the Toronto Star

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

I have several of my Ketubah designs licensed to Ketubah.com, previously known as KetubahKetubah. It was very exciting few years ago to work with Michael Shapiro and the team at Ketubah.com, being one of their first Signature Collection Ketubah designer. And I am glad to continue offering my Ketubah Giclee prints through them.

Rejoicing Ketubah by Moshe Mikanovsky

Rejoicing Ketubah by Moshe Mikanovsky

Following is an article that was published at the Toronto Star yesterday. I am just quoting the beginning of the article. To read the full text, please visit the Star’s website.

Ketubah.com marries religion and artwork
Toronto company has become world leader in Jewish marriage contracts
By Naomo Carniol
Toronto Star, June 14 2010

Michael Shapiro knows a lot about happily-ever-afters. The Toronto resident has helped thousands of couples begin their married lives.

In Canada, Jewish weddings usually involve two written documents. One is a civil marriage licence. The other is a Jewish marriage contract called the ketubah, where the text is often surrounded by colourful artwork.

Shapiro, 44, is the president of Toronto-based Ketubah.com, an online store that sells limited edition ketubah prints and has become the largest ketubah company in the world. In 14 years, it has created ketubahs for more than 5,000 couples.

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