10 Jun 2010

Israeli Art blossoms in Toronto

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Israeli Art blossoms in Toronto
By Moshe Mikanovsky
Shalom Toronto, June 2 2010

If you had a chance to visit the Israeli Artists Group’s art show, you were probably impressed with the beautiful art and the show that represented many art disciplines, all practiced by local artists, all Israelis. In this article I wanted to introduce one of the newer artists in the group, who showed for the first time, and had a great success!

Ziva Lepsker was born in Haifa. For her entire professional life she was a kindergarten teacher. After moving to Canada, and retiring from teaching, Ziva looked for a new thing to do. By chance, and not even knowing she has it in herself, she found watercolour painting. Four years ago, very hesitantly, she used this tricky medium for the first time, and the rest is history.

Watercolours, as a painting medium, can create amazing results, with transparent washes, bleeds, pigments that blend into each other, bright whites and darkest colors. But when overworked, or with too much thinking, they are very unforgiving. Muddy areas and mess are results that no artist likes, and that’s why many artists turn away from it.

Ziva Lepsker, Flowers, Watercolours

Ziva Lepsker, Flowers, Watercolours

But when looking at Ziva’s flower fields and landscapes, you can appreciate the richness of the medium, and her playful control of it. Her flowers are especially powerful, jumping off the paper with bright and strong colors. Ziva explains that as “painting what she feels rather than what she knows”. Her love to the Israeli flowers and landscapes, combines with the excitement of experiencing new sights here in Canada, inspires her daily work. She paints every day, and is never tired or out of artistic expression.

In the show Ziva presented her art for the first time. This is not an easy task for any beginner artist, and Ziva received many encouragements from her family, friends, and the members of the group and the community. And her success at the show, with many visitors commenting on her style, buying her art, and supporting her, gave her the boost to continue and grow. I am sure we will hear more about her in the future!

Ziva Lepsker with one of her paintings

Ziva Lepsker with one of her paintings

Another artist who was a member of the Israeli Artists Group for many years, is now on her way back home, returning to Israel this summer.

Esther Etigson, also a sabra, moved to Toronto 40 years ago, to improve her English and return to Israel as an English teacher. As happens to many, Esther married a Canadian, and stayed in Toronto, where she built her family and career. She always drew or painted, with trees being her favorite subject, but only 14 years ago she pursued her artistic talent and started learning painting professionally, in parallel to her teaching at Associated Hebrew Schools.

Esther learned with the best local artist, such as Margaret Roseman, Pauline Holensin, Jake Mol and Art Cunanan. She was a member of the Toronto Watercolour Society, the Willowdale Group of Artists, and the Israeli Artists Group of Toronto. She participated in many of the groups’ shows, as well as single shows of her art at her home in Thornhill.

Esther Etigson

Esther Etigson, Sun Eclipse

Esther’s love for nature and its beauty is evident in her paintings. “The surprise and unexpected always excite me when I paint. I love Canada and I am in awe every time from its wonderful nature and the abundance all around. The Canadian landscape and the many trips I take in the nature influence my work.”

Esther Etigson, Birches on the lake, watercolors

Esther Etigson, Birches on the lake, watercolors

This year will be Esther’s last art show and sale in her Thornhill home, since being homesick to her family in Israel won over her love to Canada. She will be returning to Israel this summer, and will continue her painting career there. Please show her your support and congratulate her for her return to Israel, by visiting her studio on her 5th annual art show and sale. Please see details below.

Ziva’s art can be viewed online at http://zlapsker.awardspace.biz as well as at her studio. To contact Ziva, please call  905 886 4111 or send an email to zlapsker@gmail.com

Esther’s 5th annual art show and sale will be June 13th, at her home: 163 Gailcrest, Thornhill (Bathurst and Clark area), between 10AM – 6PM. To contact Esther please call 905 886 8085.

Moshe Mikanovsky writes for Shalom Toronto on Israeli Art matters in Toronto.  (moshe@mikanovsky.com, www.mikanovsky.com)

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