25 Mar 2010

Pictures from Art Shows – Octopus Project XI: HELLO and Artzy

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Last week I participated in two local art shows in Toronto, the Octopus Project XI: HELLO at the Historic Distillery District, and at the Hillel’s Artzy show. These were very different experiences, which I would like to share with you.

The Octopus Project is about creativity and making new art by a spark sent to all artists who are interested to participate. The spark for the HELLO show was a simple audio, of someone dialing a number, and a guy answering with a single “Hello” (You can hear it online if you wish). My first association from the spark was “You had me at hello…”, and my personal “story” for that would be my wife. So I painted a picture of her, which was ready for the show. Alas, my wife felt it was a bit too personal for this show, and I went back to the drawing-board, thinking what to do next. So it was when Lady Gaga just released her new single “Telephone”, featuring Beyonce. So I thought, what would be better than having Lady Gaga calling? And that what spark my “Gaga Calling” painting.

Gaga Calling, Watercolors, 6"x8", 2010

Gaga Calling, Watercolors, 6"x8", 2010

The art show itself run for two days, at the studio of photographer artist Melanie Gordon. I couldn’t make it to the opening on Saturday, so I went with my family to see it on Sunday. It was a rainy and windy day, so there were not too many people at the Distillery, which is a shame as it is such a beautiful place. And the show, when we came in, was quite empty. But, we loved looking at what the other 39 artists created with the Hello audio spark, and of course the creativity was great. Enjoy some of the pictures we took, and also the picture from the show on the Octopus Project site. (Gaga Calling is in picture 32).

Me and "Gaga Calling" at the Octopus Project XI: HELLO

Me and "Gaga Calling" at the Octopus Project XI: HELLO

The Artzy art and music show was a different event altogether. Organized for the 3rd year by Hillel of Toronto, which is the Jewish student organization, the event included both visual art presented, as well as music by renowned Israeli singer David Broza.

Me at Artzy with Talit, Ten Commandments and Seen by an Angel I

Me at Artzy with Talit, Ten Commandments and Seen by an Angel I

The artwork was mostly by Israeli artists living in Toronto, with subject matter related to Israel. The event was in an upscale furniture store converted to host us in the evening. So the light was not the best, but the atmosphere was quite nice. A mix of art lovers and young people, with many Israelis living in Toronto who came to appreciate art and the music of David Broza.

Three of my paintings were selected for the show, Talit, Ten Commandments, and Seen by an Angel I. We had a fun evening, and met lots of our friends from the Israeli Artists Group of Toronto, as well as made some new friends.

Me at Artzy with Talit, Ten Commandments and Seen by an Angel I

Me at Artzy with Talit, Ten Commandments and Seen by an Angel I

I am looking forward for future events and shows like that. These are great opportunities to grow, present my art, and get the feedback I so need about it.



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  1. It’s really great seeing you at the show with your art! Wish I could’ve been there!


    kate Harper

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