25 Feb 2010

Passover Cards with Seder Plate design – art licensed to UJA

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Last summerI have licensed couple of my Rosh Hashana card designs to the United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Toronto for their tribute cards. These cards are sold to their contributors, who send them to their love ones, denoting a donation was made in their name.

This time of the year is time to think already about Passover, another family oriented Holiday that many people are celebrating together. I am privileged again to been chosen by the UJA for their Passover campaign. Following are the design accepted by the UJA, and the final card design. I included also the flier that the UJA are distributing around the city, promoting this campaign, with my card design in it.

Passover, Watercolors, 6''x8'', 2010

Passover, Watercolors, 6''x8'', 2010

The art on the card depicts a stylized version of the Seder Plate, zoomed in and cropped out. The word פסח in Hebrew (Pesach, or Passover in English) is written in the center of the plate. The circles around it (in yellow) are usually small bowls or recesses in the plate (depends of course on the plate design and materials) where few food items are placed during the Seder – the meal at the first night of Passover (and also second night in the diaspora).

UJA Passover Card

UJA Passover Tribute Card

UJA Flier Passover

UJA Flier Passover

Here is a Passover Seder Plate that I made back  in 2004 out of Stained Glass and Clay. The bottom yellow part is a stained glass construction, with 6 holes on the top to hold 6 small bowls, made of clay.

Seder Plate, Stained Glass and Pottery, size 12.5" x 13.5" x 2.5", 2004

I hope you like this new artwork and that the UJA campaign will be successful.



PS I am looking for new licensing opportunities, similar to this one (cards), or any other type, such as art reproductions, calendars, puzzles, benchers, etc. Please contact me at moshe@mikanovsky.com for more information.

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