19 Feb 2010

SEO for Artists Example

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

SEO for Artists Example

Until recently I read and knew what is SEO, and I applied SEO techniques in my website (to some extent) and blog (much more “by the book”), but I didn’t see it really working, meaning – how it translates to someone finding my products and buying them. Moreover, looking at my site and blog stats, most of the people visiting are coming from comments I posted  on other blogs and forums, which are mostly related to Art and the business of Art Marketing and Art Licensing, and these entries are not interested in my art but in what I have learned about marketing it. Which means, there are no direct sales from these visits. So my hasty conclusion, which I even stated loudly to some people, is that SEO is over rated! How can I compare 1-5% visits by search engines finds, to 95-99% visits by forums, social networking, emails etc?

Until I saw for my own eyes how sales are actually made because of the SEO efforts. Here is the example:

1. Yesterday at around 11AM someone searched on Google for “mishloach  manot bags  which lists my post “Bags for Shalach Manot and more Purim art products” on the first page.

SEO Example: Google Search for "Mishloach Manot Bags"

SEO Example: Google Search for "Mishloach Manot Bags". My blog post listed second

2. Visiting the post, the user saw my Zazzle widget embedded within the post, and clicked on it to get to my Zazzle store.

SEO Example: Zazzle widget within my blog post

SEO Example: Zazzle widget within my blog post

3. Once in the Zazzle store, the soon-to-be-buyer probably saw what he or she was looking for, a bag for Shalach Manot (or Mishloach Manot), but eventually ended up purchasing another item – thirteen sheets of Happy Purim stickers

4. The store made few bucks on product royalty, but also on referrals – because the buyer got to the site from a link on my blog that has my referral number. The referral program is another great way to earn some income online.

I know that this happened because of couple of tools I am using:

1. First, the Feedjit “Live Traffic Feed” on my blog, the one that shows where readers come from around the world. When using the “Watch in Real-Time” option, more details are available. One of them shows that someone searched on Google for “mishloach manot bags” and that they were from Hackensack, New Jersey.


SEO Example: Feedjit history

SEO Example: Feedjit history

2. Then, Zazzle’s Royalty History shows who bought the stickers, and I see in there that the buyer is from Hackensack, New Jersey.

SEO Example: Zazzle Royalty History

SEO Example: Zazzle Royalty History

So here it is exactly how SEO works. Writing in your blog about the art and products for sale, using key words that other people will use for their searches, eventually placing your site, and products, in the right place at the right time.

There are many ways to do it. Not doing any of them will get you nowhere. Making some of them is a great way to start. No one can really do all of them, but being consistent and as time goes by, it does work!

Here is for location, location, location,


Note:  this article is also aimed to score some SEO points… guess where?

[Update 3/12/2010] This article was published yesterday on EmptyEasel.com - Does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) REALLY Work to Help Artists Sell Art?

If you are interested to learn more about SEO for artists, check out these great resources:

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18 Responses to “SEO for Artists Example”

  1. Moshe -

    What a great case study of SEO in action! This will really show artists how it works in real-life situations and hopefully they too, can find the SEO techniques that will work for them. Thank you for sharing and thanks for the “link love”!

    Tara Reed


    Tara Reed

  2. Moshe, thanks for this great example of SEO at work in a living, breathing way! I am just getting familiar with all this stuff so this really helps!


    alex sanso

  3. Cool I am starting on my SEO this week-end!


    Beatrice Trezevant

  4. Thank you Tara, Alex and Beatrice for the comments.

    It’s one thing to learn about it. Something completly different to see it in action!

    Goodluck with your SEO efforts… I feel like I am still learning it as I go, but its getting somewhere :-)


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  5. Moshe,
    Great example of how SEO really is important for artists and the unique examples of how it worked for you! Thanks for the link to too!




  6. Great tips to get started on the SEO journey

    What if your keywords are already flooded with results and not ‘niche’ related?


    Robbie MacGillivray

  7. Very good question Robbie.
    It is definitly harder to get to the top of the search engine results. Although my product are of a specific niche, I didn’t think that it would be so unique that it will take one blog post to get there. Afterall, there are many places that sell similar products online – but maybe they are not doing their SEO correctly, which plays to my benefit!
    What I think is that everyone can find a niche, or make your niche somehow…. think about what is unique about your products, or style, or theme, or whatever it is…. and keep doing it over and over.


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  8. Have the feedjit on my blogspot
    http://www.marysonyacontiart.blogspot.com. Had not considered (and admit) how much information is there and how it is linked. Follow the yellow brick road appears to be the proof in the puddin! Thanks for connecting the dots for me.


    Mary Sonya Conti

  9. I love how you described your process of what happened in such an easy to understand way.

    Thank you so much Moshe for your post!

    I ‘get it ‘ more now.
    Peace and light
    ps. your art is terrific !


    EJ Shames

  10. Thanks Moshe these are some great and useful tips!


    Sheryl Checkman

  11. I’ve started implementing SEO strategies and have had my doubts about it’s applicability to artists also. Have been wavering about whether to bother or not. Thanks for the example.



  12. Well done Moshe. I’d be curious to know how much time you’ve spent on SEO specific activities and how many sales you’ve brought in off of it.

    This is exactly what I’ve been hoping to help artists understand. SEO done right = sales. SEO done wrong = a useless waste of time.


    Cory Huff

  13. thank you everyone for the comments. I am happy it is helpful.

    Cory, I never actually measure the time I spend on SEO and its ROI. I basically make it a habit to incorporate everything I learned about it in my daily routine, whether if I write a new blog post, or comment on other blogs, etc. Its a learning process and it takes time to think around this way. But knowing the rules and tips do help.

    Some of the information regarding sale I don’t have access to… for example, my art is licensed to another company to sell and produce, and I do include it in my SEO efforts to a great extent, but other than the royalty I get every quarter, I don’t have the specific information, such as how someone found me and decided to buy my artwork. Nevertheless, since I have started in September, I do see an increase in sales.



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  14. Thanks so much for your post Moshe! You really described your findings well — and a lot of us were probably thinking SEO was over-rated — thanks for showing us it’s not! Every little bit helps!


    Sue Allemand

  15. This is a great read Moshe! I admit I was having the same difficulty as you were, in trying to figure out how a comment I made somewhere on someone’s blog would eventually lead someone else to my site to make a purchase. Thank you for sharing your SEO success … let’s hope we all have some (and more) of the same.



  16. Thank you so much Sue and Nicole,
    Would love to hear success stories from you too



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  17. [...] as well as linkage to my blog, which as a result affected my SEO, as I demonstrated in “SEO for Artists Example”. Another idea was Jen Goode’s, who was first to introduce me to Zazzle, where I shortly after [...]

  18. Moshe, This blog is superb, happy I came across it…this whole SEO thing is just a minefield. You really do have some excellent posts with great advice.
    Thanks Jacs


    jacqueline O'brien

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