15 Jan 2010

Ketubah Artists – one of a kind

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Ketubah Artists – one of a kind

In the last post about Katubah Artists, I wrote about three artists whose business is centered around the Ketubah products. Whether they sell additional wedding products, or prints of their original art, they are still identified by many as Ketubah Artists. This time, I wanted to share with you several finds that I have collected in the last few months. These are artists and designers whose main body of work is not specifically related to Ketubahs, but they were commissioned to create a Ketubah to couples who love their art.

Oded Ezer

Oded Ezer is an internationally known Israeli typographic artist, logo and type designer. I am not an expert at all on anything typography, but you got to love Oded’s innovation and artistic flair in any of his type creations and design projects. Take for instant his “I ❤ milton” poster, whose structural play with letters of Milton Glaser’s iconic I NY logo is brilliant (although this post is about Ketubahs, I just had to show you this poster!)

I love Milton by Oded Ezer

"I ❤ milton" by Oded Ezer

Oded’s Ketubah combines 5 languages – Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French and Spanish – by itself a very unique feature and a challenge for any designer. The header letters seems like they are jumping into place while we look at them, dancing and filled with motion. Although monochromatic and using text only, you got to love this Ketubah!


Ketubah by Oded Ezer

Charles Fazzino

Fazzino is known worldwide for his 3D art. Cityscapes crammed with city icons, whimsical and detailed pop art, you usually won’t associate him with the art of Katubah making. But when one of his collectors, Jaime Perla,  got married, she did the right thing for her, and commissioned a special Ketubah with everything special to her and then her husband-to-be.  You can also see the happy couple on YouTube with the Ketubah as featured in Platinum Weddings.

Ketubah by Charles Fazzino

Ketubah by Charles Fazzino

Claudine Hellmuth

Claudine Hellmuth, a mixed media collage artist, author and illustrator, developed a unique playful and hip style, combining illustration with pasted black-and-white head shots of her clients. Most of her custom commissioned artwork depicts daily life scenes. But she had the opportunity to create also a Ketubah featuring the bride, groom and their cat ! The text was provided by her client, both in Hebrew and English. A small nice touch was when Claudine sent the pen she used for the line drawing to be used when signing the Ketubah.

Ketubah by Claudine Hellmuth

Ketubah by Claudine Hellmuth

Jay Lawrence Goldman

Jay Lawrence Goldman is a professional photographer who blogs about his photography as well as about his doodles. Although published his daily doodles blog, and does look like is inspired by random doodling with the black random shapes, this Ketubah looks perfect!


Ketubah by Jay Lawrence Goldman

Geezees Custom Canvas Art

Geezees creates custom canvases using her clients’ photos and words. She combine them in typographic beautiful manner to create life keepsakes of life special moments – weddings, prayers, baby births and lots more. Here is one of her designs, a Ketubah showing both bride and groom, and the text of the Ketubah in English. Very unique and modern way to present your love.

Ketubah by Geezees

Ketubah by Geezees

So whether you love a specific Ketubah Artist work, or just love any artist’s style, don’t shy away from commissioning the art you love to your special day. After all, this is one of the most important pieces of art you will ever buy, a symbol of your love and unity, which will proudly decorate your home in a prominent place.

Here is for Art and for Love.


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7 Responses to “Ketubah Artists – one of a kind”

  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Claudine Hellmuth, Oded Ezer, Charles Fazzino, Moshe Mikanovsky and others. Moshe Mikanovsky said: @ketubahdiva @shellartistree @danielsroka check out new blog post Ketubah Artists – one of a kind http://is.gd/6k0Km [...]

  2. Hi Moshe,
    I just stopped by your blog after I saw a comment from you on of the blogs I read, Art Marketing Secrets. I was wondering if you were the same Moshe who I’ve been seeing now and then on LinkedIn and it turns out it is!
    I love your Ketubah’s and I especially like how you are using watercolor in a unique way as to make it look like a mosaic. A lot of people don’t realize that ancient Jews used mosaic a lot in their work so they are getting a Ketubah with an extra little connection to the past.
    Anyhow I thought I would say hello and thank you for the list of 66+ websites for Artists. Being a Judaica artist myself it’s always nice to connect with folks like you and see what you’ve been doing.
    Shoshanna Bauer


    Shoshanna Bauer

  3. Dear Shoshanna,

    Thank you so much for the kind comments :-)
    You are right about the mosaic effect of some of my paintings. I wrote about it in one of my posts, about my obsession with squares and what influences me, and one of the things is architecture and archeology, especially old mosaics. I even thought once or twice in the past to learn how to make the old style mosaics, they are amazing!
    In one of my next blog posts I am planning to write a bit more about my Zodiac Ketubah, so stay tuned.

    Also checked your site and your art is beautiful! Shows that it comes from the heart!



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  4. [...] Ketubah Artists – one of a kind [...]

  5. [...] I wrote about three artists whose business is centered around the Ketubah products, and about artists and designers who made one-of-a-kind Ketubah, using their unique styles, usually commissioned by their close family or friends, or by their [...]

  6. The ketubah by Oded Ezer and Jay Goldman. Are they one of a kind? I have some pricing questions. Could you please contact me .
    Thank you.


    Rose Srebro

  7. Hi Rose,

    Thanks for your comment and question. I am not directly affiliated with these designers. My blog post was just curating amazing Ketubah works that I found online, loved, and wanted to share with the world out there :)

    You could contact each one of them for specific question on their designs.

    As for my designs, the Giclee prints are sold on Ketubah.com and I sell the originals.

    I hope this helps



    Moshe Mikanovsky

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