13 Jan 2010

Ketubah Artists – find the one you love

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Ketubah Artists – find the one you love

When I started marketing my art and Ketubahs, I didn’t really know what I am getting into. I started twitting, and then learned about the Search option, so my obvious keyword to search was “Ketubah”. Through the search I started finding several amazing Ketubah artists and business owners, who sells their art all over the Internet. My first reaction was “how do I compete with that?”

So I just decided to be friendly, and see what happens. What eventually happened is that I completely change my old way of thinking. This is not competition, it is collaboration, networking, friendship, and the end result for that can only be good. That means – better designs for our clients, and more business to everyone.

Here is the analogy – hundreds of artists in art fairs are all competing with each other to sell their art to art buyers. But art is a personal subjective decision for the art buyer, and even with all the artwork around, zooming in to the art you really love is the key. A lot was written about what is art, and how one chooses an art piece. The same applies to choosing your Ketubah. And the more options are out there, the more Ketubah artists are available, the more chances that the bride and groom will find just the right piece, the art that speaks to both of them, and will move with them throughout their entire life together. And sometime you fall in love with the artist ‘s style, but would like to commission a unique and one of a kind Ketubah to your specific needs.

So in this spirit, I wanted to write about few of my new Ketubah Artists friends. These are still virtual friends, as I yet to have met any of them in person. But I have already learned so much from each one of them, and I must give them the respect and thanks they deserve.

The first is Melissa Dinwiddie    , aka Ketubah Diva. Ketubah artist by day, jazz singer by night, Melissa is first and foremost a really nice person. I had the chance to talk with Melissa several times and she is always so patient and with open ear to new ideas and opportunities. And you can see it throughout her artwork and music as well. Unfortunately her Ketubah site is under construction, but I was able to grab couple of nice examples from her blog, and you can see it there too, along with other very useful information related to Ketubahs as well as self publishing music CDs. Melissa also offers other wedding products, such as stationary and invitations with the same design as the Ketubah, and even hand crafted Chupahs! Make sure you read Melissa’s blog and stay tuned to her new website. I am sure it will be awesome!

Left: Mackintosh Roses Ketubah. Right: Soul's Delight Ketubah-opal. By Melissa Dinwiddle

Left: Mackintosh Roses Ketubah. Right: Soul's Delight Ketubah-opal. By Melissa Dinwiddie

My second Ketubah artist and businessman virtual friend is Daniel Sroka of Modern Ketubah. I love everything that Daniel does, from his amazing photography art that lends itself so well to Ketubahs, his website which is professional and exactly how I think an art business online should be, to his recent addition of fine art Judaica which includes contemporary collection of Judaica artists handpicked by Daniel after listening to his clients and their wishes. Daniel is also very involved in blogging and writing Ketubah related advice in different blogs. I am not sure which of Daniel’s Ketubahs is my favourite… I love this one, “The Sun Daisy Ketubah” maybe because I love the orange/yellow color and the design’s abstract effect of the bigger-than-life petals, but if you see his other designs, I think it will be hard to choose…

The Sun Daisy Ketubah by Daniel Sroka

The Sun Daisy Ketubah by Daniel Sroka

The Gold Ketubah by Daniel Sroka

The Gold Ketubah by Daniel Sroka

Last but not least, is artist Michelle “Shell” Rummel. Michelle was the first Ketubah artist that I started following online, and in the beginning I must admit I was quite intimidated… Once you see her sites and the level of business she has developed around it, you will understand how I felt as a new comer in this business. But then I learned to know her and she is the nicest and most approachable person. Doubling as an online DJ on Blip.fm, and reading her musing, both in words and in colors and lines, you learn to know and love her. Her Ketubah artwork is very popular and beautiful. Other than her stylish watercolors, Shell recently developed with Nolan Everitt Designs, the Bashert Etched-Glass Ketubah, for the Gallery Judaica in Los Angeles. This is a very unique product which combines Shell’s art etched into the glass, and the Ketubah text printed and lying flat under the etched glass.

Bashert Etched Glass Ketubah by Michelle "Shell" Rummel

Bashert Etched Glass Ketubah by Michelle "Shell" Rummel and Nolan Everitt

Hamsa Ketubah by Michelle "Shell" Rummel

Hamsa Ketubah by Michelle "Shell" Rummel

You should check these fine artists’ sites. And if you are in the market to buy a Ketubah, look at all of them, you won’t be disappointed. At the end of the day, it is one of your most important pieces of art you will ever buy in your life, so make sure you buy it from an artist you love.

All the best,


 To contact the artists:

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If you are interested in my Ketubah designs, you can view them too :-) Who knows, maybe my art will be the one you fall in love with…

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10 Responses to “Ketubah Artists – find the one you love”

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  2. Moshe, thank you so much for your kind words about my art and ketubahs. I really appreciate it coming from a colleague!

    You are correct about how people buy art. It is such a personal decision that much of it falls outside of the realm of traditional marketing. The people who buy my ketubahs usually tell me that they “had to have one” as soon as they saw my designs. It’s a mater of my vision and style matching both their tastes and their idea of what a ketubah should look like.

    Whenever I am talking with a person, and sense that my art is not right for them, I always pass them on to one of you, my fellow artists, knowing that among us, they will find the right ketubah.


    Daniel Sroka

  3. It’s my pleasure Daniel

    I wonder what happens when a couple cannot decide on one art they both love…. either its one of the first compromises they make, or they keep looking.



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  4. Moshe,

    I loved your comments, and your spirit. You’re right, artwork is not a competition, but the essence of every person’s own personal taste and aesthetic. Thank you for your lovely profiles, I enjoyed reading about each artist.

    Shell Artistree


    Kari Bernstein

  5. The phrase I use is “in art there is no competition, only fellow artists.”


    Lori Buff

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  7. So fantastic, this article, Moshe….and so honored to be mentioned. It’s always about resonance…relating, being drawn in some way, whether it be through the color palette, design, poetic text or just an overall feeling or vibe you get when looking at the artwork. Choosing the right ketubah is easy if you buy what you love and what moves and inspires you! Thanks for your generous spirit and kindness!


    Shell Rummel

  8. Thank you so much Shell for the kind comments.

    I have seen some discussions on wedding boards about how difficult it is to find the right Ketubah, or how the couples don’t have the same Ketubah that they both like… In these cases I say, either look again or in more places, or just find ART you both love, and get a Ketubah from that artist.



    Moshe Mikanovsky

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