9 Dec 2009

Ketubah, Art, Love, and the “Moshe Was in Our Wedding” Lifetime Promotion

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

Ketubah, Art, Love, and the “Moshe Was in Our Wedding” Lifetime Promotion

If you follow my blog and familiar with my artwork, you already know that one of the niche markets I have developed art for is the Ketubah market. Ketubahs are Jewish Marriage Contract, or really, the more than 2000 years old prenuptial agreements. Traditionally, the Ketubah was written in Aramaic, and was signed by the groom and two witnesses at the wedding ceremony. Then it became a life cycle article that artists throughout the generations decorated in different styles, based on their origins. Antique Ketubahs are considered an excellent source for learning the history of a place – they are dated, and includes names and locations – a small treasure for historians.

Olive Tree Ketubah

Olive Tree Ketubah

15 years ago, when my wife, then fiancé, and I prepared to get married in Israel, one of the items on the list was the Ketubah of course. Now you have to understand, getting married in Israel is NOT the same as getting married in North America or Europe. In Israel, and I am talking here pre-dated of the Internet (!!) and in the modern orthodox circles, a wedding of 500 invitees was considered average (we had more than 700), and you don’t really spend much on flowers/food/DJ/clothing (not to mention that no one knows in Israel what “Wedding Favors” or “Bride Maids” or “Groom’s Best Man” are!). Not that the weddings are cheap, or that people starve or don’t dress nicely. On the contrary! But the amount of money spend in such event is definitely not as much as is spent in some North American weddings I have been to. And as for the Ketubah – most people just use the one they get from the Rabbi, a standard printed Ketubah folded in a hard-cover. Before I moved to the United States, I have never seen even one Ketubah hanging in an Israeli home. There are probably many of them, but I just didn’t see any. And what did the Rabbi said we should do with our Ketubah once it is signed? Give it to my mother-in-law to keep, since she has her daughter’s (my wife!) interest in mind.

Flora Ketubah

Flora Ketubah

So when I decided to make a Ketubah for my wife, it was quite unique. And since I am not a calligrapher, what I ended up doing was quite special – I painted in watercolors two Chagall paintings, and framed them in a wide panoramic frame with three openings in the mat – one on each side for the paintings, and one in the middle for a photocopied Ketubah text. At the wedding itself we actually signed two Ketubahs – the one I made, which was framed without the front glass, and the one I got from the Rabbi, which we used in the ceremony because my Ketubah was “too bulky to carry under the Chupah”. Funny, ha!? :-)

Fast Forward few years, we have moved to the US and made many friends, and in each home I have visited, a beautiful decorated and framed Ketubah was prominently hanged. The proud owners were always happy to share with us details about who made them the Ketubah and how much they love it. And until this day, whenever I go to a new home, I look for the Ketubah, always have nice surprises!

Blessings II Ketubah

Blessings II Ketubah

I have been lucky 3 years ago to connect with KetubahKetubah and start licensing my work to their Signature Ketubah Collection. Since then I have sold many Ketubahs to KetubahKetubah’s clients. But one thing is missing – my direct interaction with the happy couples. I feel so honored that the bride and groom chose my art for their Ketubah – such a personal decision, one that will start their life together, and will continue throughout their entire life decorating each home they will share – and they chose my art! How can’t you not feel honored by that? So all I want to do is thank them for choosing it, and for having me in their wedding. But because of the nature of the licensing agreement I have with KetubahKetubah, I do not have direct access to the couples.

So, here is where I thought – let me give something in return, and become friends for life, not just in a frame on the wall, but also in real life! And that is what triggered me to create the “Moshe was in our wedding” 10% discount for life on all my original artwork and prints. How does it work? Very simple! If you are a couple that chose (or will choose in the future) my Ketubah design for your wedding and new life together, all you have to do is send me a picture from your wedding with the Ketubah, and few words, and a permission to publish it on my website and blog (or other publications I might have in the future) and that’s it! You will receive 10% discount on any art purchase from me. Forever.

2odiac Ketubah - Our Sign

2odiac Ketubah - Our Sign

Hope to hear from you soon.

With many thanks


PS Although traditionally Ketubah is a Jewish item and is part of a Jewish weddings, I have heard and seen that there is a new tradition for couples of any faith, including same-sex marriages. So my promotion goes to anyone!

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13 Responses to “Ketubah, Art, Love, and the “Moshe Was in Our Wedding” Lifetime Promotion”

  1. Your work is unique and wonderful. I love the one with the tallit and two candles. many blessings and success to you and your wife. Such wonderful work!


    Tessa Hall

  2. Thank you very much Tessa,

    Feel free to send a link to the promotion to all your friends and family.



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  3. Moshe. I loved reading this article! It exposed me to a wonderful aspect of Jewish culture that I had no idea of before. The whole concept of the Ketubah and the beautiful designs you do are really interesting – and weddings with 500 or 700 people – wow! Nice business idea too :)




  4. Thank you Daniel,

    The Ketubah business is a growing one and I am connected with few of the graet artists out there. There is really a lot to offer.
    As for big weddings – I have been to one that had more than 1000 people! But that was crazy really….

    Thank you for your comments :-)


    Moshe Mikanovsky

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  10. oh, Moshe….

    yr ‘Moshe was in our wedding, friend and discount guarrantee for life’ idea – is just so…

    A. moving (really)!
    B. professionally a super clever move!

    (and needless to say: yr Ketubah works are beautiful)!

    consider yourself getting a HEEBOOK GADOL ! :-)


    Dalia Bar-Dror

  11. Thank you Dalia so much!
    So far, I didn’t have any success in finding my Ketubah clients… but I hope that soon enough someone will come by and send me their wedding pics :-)
    If you know of anyone, or hear about anyone, let me know….



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  12. i love ur art


    Baila Shomer

  13. Thank you so much Baila


    Moshe Mikanovsky

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