28 Nov 2009

List of 120+ websites for artists to build online presence

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

List of 120+ websites for artists to build online presence

[Updated April 20, 2010] I finally renamed the list to say 120+ instead of 66+. Also added few new sites that was waiting for sometime to be added. Next to each new site is a “New” symbol. I am adding more sites as people send them over, so in the last count I have more than 120 sites listed. Bookmark this post and keep checking for more updates…. MM

Any artist who wants to establish some online presence has gone through some of these questions:

  • How do I build my own website? Do I really need one?
  • Should I have a dedicated site? a Blog? or just photos on some photo-sharing website?
  • How can I sell my art online? It needs to be safe, and I need to accept credit card, and handle shipping, and what else?
  • How will anyone find me? There are so many artists out there…
  • I am not technical person, I am an artists, so can I really do it?
  • How much all of this will cost me?

There are many answers to these questions, specific for each individual. But the bottom line in today’s world is that “if you are not there, you don’t really exist”, where there is the Internet. So, how do you do it? There are many resources out there, and it could be quite overwhelming. In this post I wanted to list many of the already existing sites that artists can use to build their online presence. In more places they are, better their chances to be found, as simple as that.


  • I am not endorsing any of these sites, nor giving my opinion or comparing them. This list is for information only. Many of the sites has lots of features, so you should check them in more details. Please feel free to let me know of new sites, closed sites, or any mistake I have made in the list. The listing and notes is solely based on my own findings. The information might change in time. If it does, please let me know.
  • The $ sign denotes that there is a fee to become a member.
  • The % sign denotes that there is a commission fee paid to the site.
  • The # sign denotes that the artist receives licensing royalty fee from the site on sales. The royalty can be either a percentage, or a markup above the site’s price.
  • I included only sites that have all the tools for the artists to use and create their own galleries. That means you will not find here sites that promote development services, nor competition or juried sites that require submission and approval for inclusion. This does not mean that these type of sites should not be explored for online presence.

Online Portfolio/Gallery Websites with ability to use your own domain

Online Portfolio Websites (using their domain)

Artists Online Communities (Social Networking sites geared for artists)

Art Rental

Art Bidding

Licensing Networks for artist who wish to license their artwork to manufacturers

Print on demand (including art prints)

Print on demand (not including art prints)

Art for Digital Displays

Art Forums

Artists Directories

Video Portals for Artists

Wholesale Linesheets for Artists

Other sites that are not specific for artists, but are excellent to create online presence, and help with your marketing efforts:

Social Networking

  • Facebook - Open a profile, create a fan page, connect with your friends and family, upload images, add site links, invite to shows, and much more.
  • Twitter - Find quality people to follow and share the knowledge you learn from them, search for keywords and connect with people of same interest, share your announcements and links to your other sites, create promotion campaigns, and much more…
  • LinkedIn - Connect with other artists and with collectors, join professional groups and contribute to the discussions, direct traffic to your sites from profile and discussions, etc.

Pictures including artwork images

Videos including artists’ created videos


  • WordPress.com(note: blogs on WordPress.com are non-commercial, therefore it is better to use WordPress.org and self-host your blog)
  • Blogger.com
  • Squidoo- build Squidoo Lens about anything really, including your art or subject matter, and get fans to vote and make it visible.

Online marketplaces

  • eBay - many artists are selling on eBay. Upload images, see the bids coming…
  • Bonanzle

Other ways to be listed

  • Professional artist organization membership sites - local, national and international
  • Link exchanges with other artists’ sites

Un-categorized, yet…

You should also check EmptyEasel.com. There are lots of great articles regarding art and selling online. One of the latest articles shows traffic comparison between many of these sites“Online Art Galleris – How Many Visitors Do They Really Get?”

One final word – there are many more places online for artists, and there will be many more as time goes by. The sooner you get there, the sooner you can start creating your online presence, and sell online. So don’t wait, just start doing it.

Have a wonderful (online) creative day!


PS1 Do you have more sites? Corrections? Please contact me and let me know.

PS2 Ok, so while I was researching for this list, I had to check the following sites as well. All of them require submission for approval or jury approval. As I mentioned above, this is also an important way to have online presence, so I cannot ignore them of course!

PS3 Although the following link does not fall under any of the above categories, I still wanted to mention it here, mainly because of the people who are behind it. Beautiful Artist Website is a web design company specializing in building sites for artists. I have made friends with them through Twitter (where else?), and would love to mention them here too :-)

PS4 Read more about selling art online:

3 Examples of Art Licensing Online Scouting

Interesting social networking focus efforts

Launching my Zazzle online store and thoughts about Self Art Licensing(published also at EmptyEasel.com)

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80 Responses to “List of 120+ websites for artists to build online presence”

  1. Moshe – this is a fantastic resource. Thanks for taking the time to compile this enormous list of sites. I frequently have artists asking me to information on free and paid gallery and portfolio sites and now I have a place to send them!

    Thanks for your mention in PS3 too :)



  2. re: Licensing Networks for artist who wish to license their artwork to manufacturers

    if you Google “fine art licensing” you should find ArtVisions as #2, right under my competitor and friend, Porterfields.

    Additionally it might be a good idea to visit http://www.artistsconsult.com





  3. Thank you Daniel,
    Feel free to route all your contacts to the post. I will keep it updated with new sites as I find them.


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  4. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the comment and links.
    I looked at the sites, and they don’t fall under any of the categories in the post, so for now I will just leave them in the comments section so all visitors will be able to see them.
    If in the future there will be new sections on these sites for any artist to submit and show their work, I will be happy to add them, so please keep me updated.



    Moshe Mikanovsky

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  6. Very nice and extensive list! Thank you for what you do to help artists – where would we all be without the internet to connect, share and learn?

    Tara Reed


    Tara Reed

  7. Thank you Tara,
    You are absolutely right! this is a brave new world.
    I am actually amazed sometime when in art fair to see the number of artists that don’t even have a website, just email address… So there is still so much talent out there we all want to see!


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  8. This is great Moshe! What a detailed information for all of us artists. I will take note of it. Thank you very much. What a great blog you have!



  9. Hi Moshe,
    What a great resource. I would be happy to add your site to my Connect with Us page. I hope you will consider doing the same! Thanks! Janet


    Janet Tanguay

  10. Hi Moshe,
    Great info – another very, very good site for all manner of commercial artists is Behance.net. A lot of illustrators and graphic designers use this site. I’ve got my sister’s portfolio up there (behance.net/camilla) since her website isn’t as functional in terms of being able to see all her paintings.

    Keep up the great work!


    AdaPia d'Errico

  11. Moshe,

    Would love to be added to your blog. We are a free site for artists to promote and sell their wares. Please let me know if you would like additional information.



    Brad Grossman

  12. Hi Moshe,

    Terrific article and great list, thank you!

    I have been working on a series of blog articles (none posted yet) to help Artists create an Online presence and you have places listed I had not yet discovered. Thank you for the list and I will include a link to your article.



    Deborah Burns

  13. Thank you so much Jude. Feel free to share it with all your aritists friends by sending them a link to the blog.


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  14. Thank you so much AdaPia,
    Yes, I have seen Behance.net through the post I mentioned from Escape From Illustration Island blog. I didn’t want to just copy and paste their list… but maybe I should (?!) so this list will be more complete….

    Thanks again


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  15. Thank you Deborah,
    Feel free to add a link on your blog/site.


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  16. Thank you Brad,
    Thanks, I added Artists for Artists, and the link to the introduction video.


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  17. Thank you Janet,
    I can add a link on my website’s Links page (http://www.mikanovsky.com/links.html)
    Please let me know if you would like that.


    Moshe Mikanovsky

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  19. thank you so much for the list–there are so many sites available, it is terribly easy to miss one


    Julianne Fuchs-Musgrave

  20. Thank you Julianne,

    Indeed, there are lots of places! I wonder if there is merit in all of them…. would be interested to hear everyone point about that.

    I also saw that you are presenting your work in many places online that I wasn’t aware of, so I added them to the list.



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  21. My goodness, Thank you so much, Moshe. Your list is especially helpful because it is so well organized into catagories.

    I am just beginning to explore and map out a strategy for developing an online presence. One area of interest for me is how to develop a blog and I have several outstanding sources that I am following. If you would like to add that catagory to your list, I would be happy to share that with you.

    Best wishes,


    Anne Bevan

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  23. Thank you Art Palavar Artist Marketing blog for listing my article!

    Anne – thanks for your comments. I would love to hear from you about the blogging resources, and if it fits the article, I can definitly add more stuff! I am adding every day…..



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  24. Great list! Very helpful having the $ info too. They don’t call us starving artists for nothing. ; )



  25. [...] I got the following response on LinkedIn to the discussion about my article, List of 66+ websites for artists to build online presence. Peter Worsley, an artist from Santa Barbara, California, wrote to me: These are all the websites [...]

  26. Thank you Chris
    You are abselutly right. The next step should be to put all the numbers together in one big table. But, each site has many different features, so its hard to compare. On top of that, there are the services you don’t see when you sign – support, customer care, product quality, etc. Very hard to compare these. Only by using real data from users who have the right experiance….

    thanks again


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  27. To gain exposure, it’s very important to place your work on the large portals such as Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube etc and be very clear about licensing so that others can write about and showcase your work.

    I launched a site last Monday called http://www.startlooking.co.uk and it gathers video of artists and art lovers talking about their art or being interviewed while working. It sits in a specific niche of people interested in glimpses of the creative process.

    There is a submission process, but you just have to send a link to the video you’d like us to look at. It can be a video of you or a video of an artist you enjoy.

    I guess you list is just going to grow and grow over the coming weeks.



  28. Thank you Gilbert,

    You are right – for some reason I neglected to add the Video sharing sites, maybe because I don’t have a video myself…!? Big mistake! I got to think about a video to make…. ;-)

    Your site and initiative looks great. Good luck with it!! I will add it to the list.



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  29. Great list, i just wanted to add the info that deviantArt also works as “Print on demand” -site when $ and as “Artists Online Communities” dA can be nearly called as inventor of the social networking artist pages with over 9 years of existence.

    Additionally here some other sites:

    http://www.conceptart.org – portfolio, network, artforum
    http://cgsociety.org – mainly computergraphics and illustration -forum and portfolio service
    http://www.cghub.com – mainly computer graphic arts portfolio /network
    http://www.mygall.net – print on demand / network
    http://www.artmesh.org – invitation based artsite/portfolio display / network
    http://www.epilogue.net – community with approval based submission system otherwise free portfolio for fantasy / sci-fi and horror
    http://www.artician.com – similar to deviantArt one can also import a complete deviantart gallery with one click
    http://www.artsquaredupload.co.uk – free portfolio site with annual book publication / community
    http://www.artlimited.net – art community free and $ and network




  30. Great resource!!

    I have successafully had my website through http://www.artmajeur.com for almost 5 years. It would fall under your first category, since for$10 a year you can have your own domain name through them. They have a free option and an option to be able to customize your webiste for about $100 a year.


    Jan Blencowe

  31. I have a short list of online portfolios for artists at

    I will add your long list to mine.

    Today I discovered an open-source free system for museums and collectors to keep track of work. I think artists could use it as well for keeping track of their work. A good database.

    And I have an easy step by step tutorial on how to set up WordPress with the WPFolio template on my website. WPFolio is a template created by people at Eyebeam and is meant to be used for artists portfolios. The tutorial is directed towards people with little computer experience.

    Thanks for your list.



    Daniel Wiener

  32. Here’s a new site called Art Ruby. Easy to navigate and quite entertaining http://artruby.com/



  33. Phew! That’s a great list.

    If you are looking to sell photographic work you could try these people http://www.fotoviva.co.uk but they are quite specific about the style they sell. It’s quite artistic photography.



  34. Very great resource for artists Moshe. We’re putting art on TV through the development of art widgets and apps. TV could be the next GREAT frontier for promoting and selling art.



  35. Hi Moshe,
    Thanks for the mention, it’s always great to see that word is getting out.
    We are a local shopping website in the Toronto area. We feature artisans, craftspeople, funky stores, and restaurants that feature local produce.
    Come check us out, we would love to have you on the site. You get a free webpage and can link to your own site. You can also list 3 products for free.
    All the best over the holidays.
    Shirley & Susan


    Shirley & Susan

  36. Moshe Hi,
    Great resource list ‘n a wonderful blog for fellow artists ‘n Zazzlers, my compliments to you!
    ‘m now featuring it in ‘Exceptional Initiatives ‘n Pursuits by Zazzlers!’ in our group ‘Zazzle Artists ‘n Shoppers!!’ at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=207681203431

    best regards,


    Vipul @ RenascencePub.com

  37. Thank you Fantasiox, Jan Blencowe, Daniel Wiener, Jessy, Theo, Cameron, Shirley & Susan, and Vipul for your nice comments and for some great additional resources to the list!

    I have some work to update the list with your additions, and will hopefully get to it soon. Although winter break is over, I feel like hibernating in the cold cold weather… but who has time for that?!



    Moshe Mikanovsky

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    OneArmedGraphics Blog

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  40. Dear Moshe

    Thank you for providing this incredible list, one that I did not see is “The New York Art Exchange” I have an exhibition there found at http://www.nyaxe.com/jncohen/

    But I am amazed at the number of websites listed (over 120 and growing). This idea “if you are not there, you don’t really exist” suggesting that one needs to be on all, or as many as possible, is quite daunting to me!

    It has taken me quite a lot of hours to get included on just a few (possibly because I am not used to the way they work) for apart from uploading the pictures, to also make sure each picture is listed with the appropriate keywords, size and required details takes time. Then I have found it was difficult to edit or change details on some of them.

    As an artist, what I would like to discover (I suspect most other artists would like to know too) is which of the sites are the best to be on?

    I noted that the juried sites that require submission and approval for inclusion have not been included. But perhaps these would be the better sites to aim at, or am I wrong in this assumption?

    I would value knowing where Gallery owners, Interior Designers, Dealers and importantly Art Collectors tend to look to find new art on the Internet – is anyone able to guide us?


    John N Cohen

  41. Hi John,

    First, thanks for the comment and for pointing out yet another site I didn’t know about.

    You got some very interesting points and questions, which I hear constantly from other artists. They are all valid, and I don’t think there is one answer that fits all. I will welcome comments from art professionals as you mentioned, to shed some light for us.

    I did include few sites that jury their artist, its in the PS2 section. Maybe it deserves a post by itself. But I think that all these sites can promise you is that they will choose artists they like…. and art is so subjective. Does it mean they have more clients or drive more traffic to their sites? no. That’s a whole different ball game.



    Moshe Mikanovsky

  42. Wow! I’ve been looking for such list for ages. And here it is! Many thanks for your good job!!!

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  44. Hi Moshe,

    Thanks for sharing this great list.

    Please consider adding my site, http://www.ArtChain.com. It’s a searchable directory of artists, art groups, guilds, co-ops and galleries throughout the US and Canada. It’s free to add a listing.

    Also, there a site that has both community and portfolio feature run by Art Calendar magazine. The site is ArtScuttlebutt.com


    Bob Nicholson

  45. great blog, i like it. thanks for all of the info’s.


    Nature Photography

  46. Whee! I’ve hit the motherload. Thanks for sharing info that will help my passion.


    Lynn Dugan

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  48. I am an artist dedicated to painting. I visited your site and like your works.The site is very attractive too. My website which is http://www.artistpaintingonline.com has a pretty good traffic. I think it would be beneficial to both of us if I would link your site to mine. In exchange you would do the same for me. I am looking forward to a reply.


    Artist Muller Jean François.



  49. Moshe–I bet you could change the title to 120. Will it matter? It will still be the same link.


    kate Harper

  50. [...] idea and encouragement to create a list of sites for artists, triggered my most read post yet, a list that now include more than 120 websites, and directly increased 10 times my readership, as well as linkage to my blog, which as a result [...]

  51. Thanks for sharing this amazing collection of links and knoeledge with other artists.


    Derek McCrea

  52. Hi Moshe,
    Thanks so much for this amazing list!


    laura nikiel

  53. PimpArtworks should be on this list. It’s a new site dedicated to Street and Urban art – http://www.pimpartworks.com


    John Boy

  54. This might possibly be the single most awesomest list of Artist websites ever devised in the entire universe! If I could, I’d like to add a Free site that users could sell their art, music, hand-made items, etc. It’s at Artists.me.

    It doesn’t fall into either of your % or $ categories and there are no fees at all ever. Just one more resource for artists to consider.


    Sell Your Art Free

  55. Wow – what a list!
    Thank you so much for sharing this list!


    Katja Nina

  56. Hi,

    Great resources.

    Here is another for the online portfolio with custom domain section:

    Portfolio Websites



  57. Awesome! What a world of information! Thank you for sharing this most valuable resource. I am new to the field of self promotion and this open up so many possibilities. Where does one start?


    Mary Miller- McNutt

  58. thanks i love you art!


    sterling silver engagement rings

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  60. Thank you so much, Moshe.
    An impressive and very useful list.


    ana goldberger

  61. Dear Moshe,
    We would like to introduce you to http://www.groovepress.com
    Online Marketplace
    Groove Press ~ A collective of creativity + marketplace for independent artists, crafters, makers, vintage, indie retailers and supplies. Shop, Sell, Share
    Who is Groove Press?
    You guessed it. We actually are artists; we’re approachable, professional and passionate about what we do. We value a strong work ethic, never shy away from a challenge, and surround ourselves with like minded individuals. Our artistic approach to art and handmade design means we value forward thinking and collaboration.

    Ricki Mountain
    Groove Press – Founder


    Groove Press

  62. Thank you very much for the information. Very helpful. Regards Olga.


    Olga Pankova

  63. Moshe
    Thanks for the inclusion on this fantastic list of artist resources. I just wanted to see about updating the spelling of our name. The a and i get swapped a lot. MosaicGlobe http://www.MosaicGlobe.com – Thanks!



  64. Hi Moshe,

    Thank you for including Photography Websites by SiteWelder on your list. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


    Mason Miller
    Managing Partner
    SiteWelder, L.L.C.


    Mason Miller

  65. http://portfoliowebsites.com is another great option.


    Portfolio Websites

  66. This is the most comprehensive list of online promotions sites that I’ve seen, good work. Australia’s online art galleries and education is This is Art at http://www.thisisart.com.au



    Rob Mackay

  67. As well as selling purely online, consider getting a local gallery to showcase your work. At Primrose here in Northampton, we have local artists’ exhibitions and also sell local artworks.

    So always have a look around and see if you can exhibit at a local gallery, that gets you offline exposure as well as the potential to sell through that pre-established business’ website.


    Primrose - Original Artworks

  68. Hi,

    We would like to get listed on your website as destination to discover, collect and share all art things. Please let us know about the process to get the listing.

    Thank You
    Bigvyor Team


    Bigvyor Art

  69. Hi Moshe,
    Great work. Your amazing work has helped me . It has helped me so much. Thanks for reaching out and sharing this with us.


    Sherree Valentine Daines

  70. We would be honored to be considered as a resource for thoughtful artists who wish to promote their art. Our website is Promote Your Art, http://promoteyourartblog.blogspot.com.


    Promote Your Art

  71. Thanks mate for sharing this with me. I am a new artist, what else I could have asked for. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your efforts for jotting down all the information and then sharing with us. You have done a very kind work, may god bless you.


    Art Gallery Cornwall

  72. Hi all !
    ‘Indian Art Buyers’ is an online portal for buy, sell, exhibit and promote Indian art worldwide. Our exclusive collections of Indian Artworks from upcoming and emerging Indian artist as well as an exclusive range of Indian Contemporary Art by exploring and evaluating renowned artists from across the country also. Our endeavor is to offer the best to the art patrons, be it services or the quality of artworks.The site is updated on a regular basis by our experienced team with latest artworks posted by the artist and collectors. Our dealing system is transparent and our commissions are one of the lowest in the Indian art world, our prices are amongst the lowest too. So, it is best place to buy artworks for the collectors in the world of art market. Visit- http://www.indianartbuyers.com for more details


    Indian Art Buyers

  73. Hey there are using WordPress for your blog platform?

    I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and create
    my own. Do yoou require any coding expertise to make your own blog?
    Any help would be really appreciated!



  74. Really nice to hear.I am an artist dedicated to painting. I visited your site and like your works.The site is very attractive too. My website which is http://www.artistpaintingonline.com has a pretty good traffic. I think it would be beneficial to both of us if I would link your site to mine. In exchange you would do the same for me. For more just go to exporting art


    john dev

  75. Hi!

    Thank You for this incredibly detailed and thorough list! I, and I’m sure many others, appreciate the amount of time you have spent putting the whole thing together!

    You had asked that if anyone noticed any changes concerning your list of information, to let you know: well, mosaicglobe.com appears to be a travel site now! I was a member of their’s years ago but stopped posting new artwork (because it felt very stale and inactive), and honestly forgot about it all together until recently. I’ve been playing with photography, and that is because I haven’t had enough of the time I would like to paint, and so too, that is the reason why I am viewing your site!

    I guess now you can cross a line through your mosaicglobe.com link as you have done with the others!?

    Thank You again very much, this page you put together is proving to be very helpful :) Take Care, -Jesi :)


    Jesi Marie Timpe

  76. Yes I am using WordPress. There is not a lot of coding experience required, if you use the themes and plug-ins out of the box. It could be confusing sometime though…


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  77. Great ideas! Thanks


    Mark Lewis

  78. If you would like to add ArtCollectorMall.com to your site that would be wonderul.


    Mark Lewis

  79. Hey, just sharing another art website – http://sketchbuddy.com



  80. A great website which is also free to join is http://www.apartial.com I am apart of the team and we are undergoing a huge acquisition drive at the minute. Please contact us through the website for more information.


    Stephen Leonard

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