15 Sep 2009

Shana Tova and a Happy New Year

Posted by Moshe Mikanovsky

I have recently been approached by the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto to assist them in creating a whole new line of tribute cards for their campaigns. The first project was for the approaching High Holidays, new designs for the Rosh Hashana Tribute Cards. Here are the two designs that were chosen for this wonderful tradition:

Boy with a Shofar, watercolor on paper, 8''x5'', 2009
Boy with a Shofar, Watercolor on paper, 8”x5”, 2009

In both cards, children are depicted blowing the Shofar. I love the idea of sharing the holiday Mitzvot and traditions with our children, boys and girls, and letting them actively participate in the holiday. Our future relies on our kids, and the only way to promise a better future for them is by instilling the love for the tradition in their daily and yearly routine. Not by forcing, but by sharing, explaining, experimenting, and opening our selves to their learning process.

The Girl with a Shofar is special to me, as the model was my daughter Avigail. Few weeks before Rosh Hashana last year, my wife brought a Shofar to our home, and the kids had a blast trying it out. After few burps and hiccups, they were able to produce some real sounds! The joy on their faces was priceless!

Girl with a Shofar, Watercolor, 2009
Girl with a Shofar, Watercolor on paper, 8”x5”, 2009

I would like to take the opportunity to wish Shana Tova and a Happy New Year to all my family and friends! May all your wishes come true – just make sure you wish for the things that can happen! Think positively everyone! :-)

I am looking for new licensing opportunities, similar to this one (cards), or any other type, such as art reproductions, calendars, puzzles, benchers, etc. Please contact me at moshe@mikanovsky.com for more information.

Thanks, Moshe

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5 Responses to “Shana Tova and a Happy New Year”

  1. כרגיל, מרגש מאוד. יוצא מן הלב וגם נכנס אל הלב שבצד השני…
    בהצלחה רבה חבר.



  2. hi abba!
    great art! shana tova!
    ps avigail thinks it really looks like her!



  3. Thank you my darling!
    Hope to invite you one day to write in my blog too, or maybe I will write in yours!
    Love and Shana Tova Umetuka


    Moshe Mikanovsky

  4. Shana Tova to all of you and lots of luck with those cards, it’s beautiful :) and avigail is right- the girl with the shofar looks exactly like her in the original picture!



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